Freitag, 28. Juli 2006

Hörnchen loves Schwarzfahren!

Hello~ i am back from life-without-internet  :D
yosh! the last week was great <3
the whole week i was with my suppe-chan ...we were together for 2 weeks O_o i think that's a long time but it didn't seem that long for me o_o
when going by car to her house in kunow (it's a little village near Schwedt/Oder | Brandenburg xD) her mum payed caramel aisukuremu for us for free *_* ooh i didn't think that caramel aisukuremu is that delicious O___O
suppe-chan's family was really nice *___* they also have so many pets O_o 2 puppy dogs <3 a kitten *-*, 2 rats <3 , fish and a little bunny O_o *counts* did i forget anything? o-o hmm i guess not...but i really loved the pets <3 hmmm i know isn't really interesting and i don't have any pictures o.o" but who cares that's my journal so shut up! D: XD

on tuesday we went to "wasabii" oh she lives in a dark room without any windows..okay there was one..but it was a little one... you know such a normal window as usual in cellars oô that night from tuesday to wednesday i didn't sleep very well T_T it was a double bed and we slept there with 3 people...and i slept in the middle in the gap O_o" it hurts a bit but i am still hurra!

on wednesday we had really and i mean really really really great breakfast *_________* wasabii did scambled eggs and i ate buns with peanut butter mmmh yummy *___* and of course i drank delicious cappuccino *_*
in the afternoon suppe-chan's mum went to wasabii's house and then we went to the videothek to borrow two jackie chan movies <3 aaaaaw~
so great *~* which we watched in the evening together with suppe-chans little sister and lukas  the brother of suppe-chan's stepbrother <3

thursday  was the best day of the week i guess...we went to berlin in the morning to fetch suppe-chan's cousin who really looks like a guy! but she was so nice *______* she always wears hiphop clothes and her haircut is more punky o_o" a bald head with a little stripe of millimeter hairs in the middle +.+ we went to so much cafés i can't imagine anymore but at first we went to the Neo tokyo....oh yeah....i was there the second time and i had a bad feeling again! the athmosphere in this shop is terryfying....these dark dark girls who are talking about dir en grey and gazette with the seller oh yeah really "interesting" yeah i mean why do they say "oooh the gazette concert is this weekend" but it is nothing new i guess. berlin's wiesel are awful we all know! XD
ah yeah well i bought vol.5 of Love mode and a debut manga calles "kiss" by eiki eiki oO; mmmh the second manga wasn't a good choice...i thought there is a little bit more yaoi but there wasn't T_T aaah yeah and i took the mucc flyer thing with me...i didn't want the 12012 one >_>""""

after this we took the subway....because we wanted to find a café to eat some aisukuremu *_* yupp we wanted to go to the arkaden one....mmhh but in the subway there were two guys who controlled us and ....we had to leave because stupid suppe-chan didn't write her name on the brandenburg ticket but the one of her grandma who was shopping by foot >O< ....-_- they grabbed our personal datas and gave us really nice bills with transverance things oO
but in general the day coulnd't be better because in the train when going to berlin we were controlled too and had to pay 3,50 € becuase the brandenburg ticket wasn't worth till 9 a.m and it was 8.30 a.m....yeha i know ...nice world -.- and it was the first time they controlled us at that time °_°

well well...after we were checked by this subway guys we went to the arkaden and bought aisukuremu >Ö< the day was really fucked up i thought but eating sushi in the end before going home by train in the evening saved the day <3
so i must make advertising for the asian restaurant thailand bla dunno how the reste is called...but it's located in berlin's central station and there works a really cute waiter , ha! XD you must go there !! nice personal!!!! and so on....

yesterday it was more realaxing at suppe-chan's
i slept very long and watched a little bit tv~
in teh evening i went to my uncle's flat <3 and now i am alone and getting hungry o_o"
tomorrow i will meet hildegard and maybe brunhilde eierkopf in GONDROM in the OC in Schwedt/Oder ...we want to eat ugly fast food in mcDoof. *-*
and the day after tomorrow i will go to berlin again to fetch my cousin at berlin's central station XD perhaps we will eat lunch again in the thai restaurant *___*"y

Montag, 24. Juli 2006

No title

sooo wollt nur sagen dass ich jetzt 2 wochen nicht da bin falls ihr es noch nicht wisst xD
also dann tschau~ bella
möglich, dass ich ab und zu jedoch reinschneie und neuigkeiten hier in meinem lj verticke, was natürlich keine sau interessiert xD vielleicht werd ich mal mein tagebuch aus guten alten zweiten als westlife-fangirly verticken muhahaha *___*" okay ich glaub net ..okay kenne ich schamgefühl? :D
nun gut war ne schöne zeit mit euch, die ich sehr vermissen werde :O also dann belibt sauber und macht nix was ich nicht auch machen würde!!

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2006

The one and only - KRA ;Ö;"

omg it''s late but i had to do something important to satisfy my addiction *~*
aaaaaaaw~ i've fallen in love with Itoshii hito aaaaaaaaw~ this song is so great Q_Q i love the live  version of Miyavi feat. Keiyuu from PSC TOUR  ;_;
it's so great damn....and keiyuus voice is so aaaaaw~ *________* i had to do some mp3 versions of this song and three other kra live psc tour songs <3

mmmh but now i know again.....i broke a promise...the promise to put up the wallpapers shiza did for our website aaaaaaaaw ;_________; i am so sorry~ ;Ö; i will do tomorrow for sure ;_;
but now i know it's too late for it and i will go to bed soon T_T
mmmh but here are the mp3s ...because i also wanted to share with the  [info]kra_fans community! :3 ...if you are not a member yet i will force you to join >O<V

aaah well i read kras major single is coming out in september +_____________+ i am so damn fucking excited <3 they changed their layout again *-* anyhow i love it o_o the green looks so friendly *__________* and it makes me happy anyhow O_o would it be better to be colorblind? :D i guess not >_>

Montag, 17. Juli 2006

No title

Are the holidays really that boring or am i the only one who has this feeling?? o,O

i really have the feeling that all users here are strangling  because of this boredom...there aren't many entries in the last days o_o
although....i should be reality i could do so much but nothing i am really interested in. xD

today i found out that i want to watch really many doramas O_O too much >_>
but at first i have to finish circle, kurosagi, summer snow, stand up!! and love contract and after that i want to watch *___________* :

+ Hana yori dango 2. season ....
+ Detektive Conan live action ...with shun as shinichi kudo *_* ...i hate the anime by the way xD
+ Let's get married  ... with Mikey *_* broadcasting will start next weekend *_______* i am so excited...hopefully i finished some other doramas until the beginning xD
+  express boy ... old dorama with mikey <3
+ Strawberry on the Shortcake  ...just because i heard that it should be good oO

well i guess this enough for now...i have to do something important xDD

Samstag, 15. Juli 2006

Yesterday i went plansching *___*

yesterday ocame and I went to Krugsdorf by bike. oh it was very stressful because ocame didn't go by bike for a few years xD but it was fun how he has struggled XD ...yep i am so schadenfroh >______>
....but the water was so cold...and it was very windy....big waves >O< nevertheless it was awesome |D when we were back in P-Town we went to LIDL because we want to buy somthing to drink o,O i am wondering WHY THERE IS NO ICED COFFEE in this damn fucking supermarket >O<  ...
when we arrived at home we died down to bed and fall asleep...crazy...always the same when came home from the lake. >__________<
well yeah that was our day xD

mmmh on sunday ocame is going to leave ;_________; i don't want that he leaves ;Ö; but he has to Q_Q
mmmmh at the same day suppe-chan is coming to P-TOwn for one week <333 so i am not alone...she must comfort me becuase of Ocame's absence T_______T
yeah i am really bemitleidenswert o_o los bemitleidet mich XDD

well...i am going to tidy up a bit ö.ö it looks like a thunderstorm was here X_X and sorry for my bad see ...summer holidays xD

Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2006

No title

Ich fühl mich wie ein mauerblümchen, das darauf wartet duchgefickt zu werden. °_°   okay joke beiseite >___________>
ich habe scheiße gebaut ;_______; ich wollte das nicht  ;Ö; ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass das so viel bewirkt ;_______; es ist meine schuld, dass ocame jetzt traurig ist ;______; und ich fühl mich nicht dabei wohl wenn ich ihn tröste weil es doch eigentlich alles meine schuld ist und er mich dafür hassen sollte ;__________;
so siehts innerlich aus ...äußerlich ähnle ich natürlich wie immer einem fetten eisklumpen.

*auf uhr schaut* scheint als würde die nachtschicht wieder anfangen *gääähn* =_= ich bin bereit koste es was wolle... °O°

Von Müdigkeit, Hunger und Sushi O_o

so eigentlich ist das hier sinnlos aber ich habe dennoch das verlangen einen eintrag zu schrieben. ihr wisst ja wenn die sucht ruft xD
hmm obwohl ich vorhin sushi in mich reingestopft habe hab ich schon wieder hunger ääähm O___o aber nein ich esse nichs `O´\m/
und nein nicht nur das ...wie es das topic schon verät bin ich etwas hmm angemüdet`? XD"
und ich meine heute bin ich noch später ausm bett als gestern....jaja die nächte werden länger die tage kürzer...wir gehen auf den herbst zu man merkt es >D

na dann zum gruß o,oV

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2006

No title

wuuuhuuu geburtstag habe ich erfolgreich überstanden *_* yes~ und viele tolle geschenke bekommen *O* stäbchen, unico dvd von oca-chan <3, markensocken von tom taylor *rumproll* und geld yosh! aber das geld von meinem bruder kriege ich erst aufs sparbuch wenn ich fahrerlaubnis mache ^^"
puuuuh in letzter zeit ist es ganz schön warm hier? oO
heute sind ocame und ich in der city rumgelatscht und wollten sushi kaufen oO gabs aber nicht also morgen zu edeka...hmm...auf jeden fall war das laufen heute recht scheiße...alles schwül und stickig und dazu noch frauenbeschwerden oO;;;;;;;; echt widerlich o,O aber ganz toll ich hab bei ocame pediküre betrrieben *rofl* o,O nun gut mehr spannung war heute nicht drinne...wir lagen ja bis halb 5 abends im bett ...chu~ °_°

neuste erkenntnis: Fleischerologie ist die Lehre von der Wurst <3

Freitag, 7. Juli 2006


ich hatte gedacht...der geburtstag morgen würde schön werden aber nun...ich habe nicht vor zu feiern..soll mein bruder doch alleine feiern...werd ich halt morgen zum see fahren und schwimmen gehen o_o gute idee aber ich glaube es wird regnen T________T
ihre geschenke können sie sich auch sonst wo hinstecken...ich will nix *_* weil ich wunschlos glücklich bin +.+

Sommerferien ...hurra!! *___*

ja endlich ist es vollbracht ^-^ und nun können 6 faule wochen folgen *___* und mein zeugnis naja wie mann es nimmt O_O besser als im letzten halbjahr auf alle fälle ich hab noch nicht den durschnitt ausgerechnet aber ich schätze 2,9 oder so <.< und hier die resultate! >D

Fach Zensur Bemerkung
Deutsch 3 Naja es war so klar..was besseres kann bei der lehrerin nicht rauskommen...sehr schwer ne 2 zu schaffen >O<
Mathe 4 yeah ich bin von meiner 5 im ersten halbjahr weggekommen...applaus bitte! XD
Englisch 2 ich hab gekämpft diese 2 nun zu bekommen *_*
Französisch 3 nie wieder französisch yes *_* da ist die 3 auch wurst <3
Gschichte 3 ich frage mich ob da wer aus unserer klasse überhaupt ne 2 hatte? o,O
Sozialkunde 3 ja die klausur hat es versaut -.-"
Religion 2 wie immer halt o__o ist schon gruselig man kann noch so versagen in den kontrollen O_o"
Kunst 2 schnitt ...1,75 <_______< iiiks >_>
Sport 3 oooh ja die klausuren in sport haben mich in wallung gebracht >_>" klausurdurchnitt: 4,5 *rofl* O_o
Biologie 3 jepp ne 3 dazu kann ich nix sagen...auswendig lernen ist net mein ding o-o
Chemie 3 3,5 ...oh danke frau schwaneberg *___*
Kunst (WP) 3 schnitt 2,5 -.- böser direktor böse ;________;
Gesamt 2,8 ich hab gut geschätzt hrrhrr~ aber ich bin nicht stolz drauf T_______T

gestern war abschlussfeier meiner klasse am see...natürlich da der mensch nunmal das bedürfnis danach hat, dass wieder auszuspucken was er zu sich nimmt musste ich pipi oO und wer sagt es ich geh nichts ahnend in den wald  und dann werde ich von pferdebremsen tyrannisiert o,o" mein ganzer körper ist jetzt umgeben von pestbeulen Q_Q und ja es juckt XD am schlimmsten oberschenkel-chan >____>"
 morgen ist b-day angesagt together with my brother *____* irgendwie hab ich keine lust aber was solls man wird nur einmal 18 oO

Dienstag, 4. Juli 2006

Französisch für Anfänger

Today our class went to neubrandenburg to watch "Französisch für Anfänger". anyhow i enjoyed it very much oO it was a teenie movie O_o and we didn't finished watching because our train came so early and we all wanted to watch the football game >O<
I mean the movie was really interesting was fun *LOL* although i didn't understand much of the french talking *cough* but really can't imagine that we were teenies and that crazy and naughty with 15? oO aah i the past we liked to write more yaoi storys *rofl*
hmm although didin't finish watching we all could imagine how that kitschy movie will end! *faint* |D

but more fun than the movie was of course  our slandering about a classmate *___* she's so annoying <.< but okay...shizahandu and I really had fun with slandering about that little girl X_x ahahahaha~  we guessed that she went after the movie to the toilet and masturbated LOL because the film was not suitable for that girl....
ooh mum turned the Tv and said: JETZT GEHTS LOS!!!
hmm .. i am so lazy to turn it on >D but i will do a few minutes...just to see the most important event in the world now! *LOL*

aaah where did i stop??? aah well....the little girl and the maturbation imagination rofl
when we went to the train shiza said : "Sie hat sich bestimmt einen aufm Klo runtergeholt.." I answered: oder..."Aaaahh meine schlüpper ist ganz nass. *said in  an erotic way* XD and after i said that we started to scream: IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!! i really don't know how i could say that....i am afraid o_O this imagination is really....aaaaah i am scared Q_Q and i disgust...yuuuck Q__________Q

okay i stop now...i must watch the football game ! XD
and NOOO i am not that pervert as it seems  <.<

Montag, 3. Juli 2006


woah it is so hot +________+ now i am sitting in the computer cabinet (?) in school and sweat like a cow O.o" and yeah we have maths lesson now.  oooh my  teacher was so "cool" a few  seconds ago  o.O
he stood behind me and stared at the screen: wer chattet hier mit wem??? 
lol i am wasn't chatting o.O i am writing this entry *lol*
oooh my eyes are glubschy as usual +.+ i dunno why....hmm...this week i will have my bed for me alone o.O  *clap hands* it is great, isn't it? XD"
yeah i think so o.o" because my cousin is snnoring and needs the whole bed to sleep +.+" and yes she goes to bed so early...and i have to be quiet <-< 
aaaaaaaaah forever your love!!!!!!! aaah lol ...stop wondering <-< i am listening to a bad bad song now...hrrhrr~  well just a quarter hour until the lesson is finished...but then hmm social studies damn! but i will survive forever!!! ö.öV

im ürbrigen...mein mp3 player hat  ne zerkratzte oberfläche ;________;  traurig T^T schnüff >_>"

Sonntag, 2. Juli 2006


hmm anyhow...i am really bored now o.o"
and i miss ha-chan so much ;______; wherever you are ha-chan ;Ö; please come back as soon as possible ;Ö; *hugs* saturday i will be one year older than now....18 ugly years i live on the earth now and haven't enjoyed it so far xD no....just a joke! *shinnosuke like is* <3 i look forward to this day ^______^ dunno what changed my mind because one hour ago i thought i will hate it T_______T  in fact...i hate my own birthdays ...i hate to get presents and i hate it to be centre of attention -_- ..fortunately my brother is coming on friday so we can celebrate our birthday together on saturday *___* i really love my brother ;____________; but he's getting so old oô ...31...well *cough* but he's still good-looking and single. is anybody interested? XD yeah it's time to find a suitable partner for him. it does't matter whether it's a male or female person becuase i dunno his sexual tendence o.ô whatever! XD

mmmh i am eating ice-cream with selmade strawberrys from our garden *________* they are so delicious ;______;


and i look that way now LOL

well well i should go to bed now xD"
although i guess not o.O |D

Hörnchen's Entertainment presents...

THE CHINESE VERSION OF Last ketchup's song Aserejé
this time it's a version of the taiwanese disbanded boyband Comic Boyz :D