Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2006


hmmpf...I am tired from life...
oooha there is a bug scabbling on my wall o.ô aaah now it is disappeared ;_____; it's walking over my kra poster ;O; walking to alice nine image D: i will kill it....the spider should eat it >O< i hate spring...all the little nasty bugs which appear in the house and some can fly ... *seeing*
but anyhow...i swang off the topic oô
tomorrow i am going to write a test in maths...oh i hate maths... >_<" and i also know why _-_
on saturday i will go to Strasburg to have a VIT o_O i am afraid of the the dark vk's not easy for a normal looking kid in the dark/decora vk world..because...these people own a strange behaviour...dunno whats up with this guy..perhaps they feel better because they guess they are such true Wischels. oO;;;;
hmm and on sunday i am going to see MUCC *_*\m/ woah finally i will see this adorable band <33~
but therefore i won't have much time to learn for the examination in social studies T__T oh i hate it XD
if i am alive until wednesday i am over the worst. that means..if i don't fail in history examination on tuesday XD
oh yeah what a hard life...tomorrow i will do beauty rest...
hopefully my miffy bag will come >___________< i am waiting for 2 weeks's time >_<" otherwise i will kick the sellers ass TOT
hmm ocame is strange at the time...dunno whats up with him but i have the feeling it's because of the pollens which shoot him down.
hopefully he will be fine in the next months when the pollen count is over... it's time to go...must continue learning a bit maths...

und ja wie ihr es mitbekommen habt...schreibe ich jetzt in englisch weil ich wieder nen bisschen mehr für englisch tun muss...XD""