Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2006

For my bitch~

Hey yo~ o_oV  ich wurde von meiner schlampe genötigt diesen eintrag zu schreiben damit es alle wissen D:

oooh i am so tired...dunno why...okay i know why! but  i haven't the will to say why *cough* XD
last night i slept very awful X_X; i dreamed of handicapped people? or how it is called? whatever XD eyes hurt +.+
and now i have social studies oooh dear <_________< i will feel bored >_________<"
but hmm maybe i will start my Mr.Rebell x The emperor ff xDDDD" muhahahahha and no ha-chan don't say that the emperor is ugly D:
you are totally wrong >_< aah i forgot to say ....i write in english! yeah because slowly i notice that i have also english speaking friends here who are lost if  speak in german! but well...i will not change it ...
i am just in the mood for english now @_@
tomorrow my aunt from munich is coming with her new boyfriend oO;;; my mum tidied up all rooms in the house except mine <__<
but she said i have to clean it but i guess i won't do!! XD well...not very interesting i know
wuuuhuuu tomorrow i will  watch rock am ring @___@ livestream hurra! XD hopefully my computer won't disappoint me o,o
but hmmm....we will see ^-^"
i am going to watch in the afternoon doramas again *__* hell ya! yesterday i watched stand up!! the first episode and i found the ending was so >___< you must watch continue watching...
it doesn't work in another way! xD hmm i also should finish watching kimi wa petto but anyhow it isn't interesting anymore...~  i am getting old~ and OF COURSE Lazy but some things will never change! xD oh i must go now social studies is waiting and art of course! so jetzt schreib mir nen kommi BITCH! XDDDD *sarkastisch böse ist*