Montag, 5. Juni 2006

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oh god i am so tired again @________@
but it isn't a wonder because i watched last night all 6 hana yori dango öhm series(?) together with my cousin yuna *O*"
when we finished with episode 6 it was already 5 am. @@
and because we didn't  finish watching ..remember this dorama has 9 episodes....we continued at 10.30 am @@
but it was a good night and morning because i could see shun again *¬* and now i know again how much i love him *_______*"
love = like xD"
hmm anyhow i have the feeling that recently i am really fangirlish when it comes to OLD loves x3 but...i am happy about it *___*"""

today my other cousin came...i thought she will live here for ONLY 2 weeks...but on saturday i found out that it will be 2 MONTHS  O.O's awesome i am not alone and hopefully the summer holidays will come quicklier ! XD

hurra tomorrow is the last free day of this holidays problem...still 4 weeks when school is finished for this year  and summer holidays begin *-*
and of course one really important event (!!!!!) the world championship!! *~* i know i said enough about this event but  i am so glad to see the japanese team >______<""
i am really a freak :D

EDIT: OMG ...mir ist eben etwas aufgefallen oO ich fragte mich schon die ganze zeit woher ich die eine aus gal circle kenne...dann ist mir aufgefallen, dass es Shuns freundin mari yaguchi ist oO;;;;;;;;
ich bin ja sooo schlecht .__________."""""""