Freitag, 30. Juni 2006

No title

OMG i am going to get a B in english *_________* i can't believe <3  i already thought i would get a C like in the last years because of stupid mistakes in the english tests >O< but *_____* i am so happy <3
now i know it was good to wrie the creative story  XD because my english teacher was so gentle and give me an A for it *O* after english lesson i should go to her. i thought i did something wrong again ;____;" because she said..we should wait until alle pupils left the room. ToT but it was something great *O*
She said i didn't satisfy her in the last year because i am not really active in the lessons.  xD"
but she also hoped that shizahandu and I will have the same english class because she thinks that we are a good team. o.o i hope so too because i can't live without my little shiza <3

oooh weekend again ^O^ awesome *_*...want to do so much this afternoon...i have to go to the supermarket "norma" to buy "dino-mcNuggets" for lunch. i know that lunch is over now but i didn't eat anything today except a toast with salad and ham. aaah and two candies and some m&m's ^-^ but norma is so far away...must go by bike...dammit...but it's the only supermarket where the nuggets are delicious ;_; yeah i have really bad problems XDD

and i have to tidy up my room again..damn....i did it last weekend was so clean...and looks like i didn't anything >_>
and i want to pimp my walls Z________Z but therefore i have to fill my ink you knwo how much work it is to fill it? >O< it's a dirty must be careful..cause the colours are evil...and dribble to the clothes Q.Q

hmm and i also must take a nap.....i already got tired today while we were watching a documentation about a  thunderstorm. o.ô fortunately i am not interested in the german football match i have enough time to do what i like to do...hmm although...i do always what i want to :P xDD

yesterday i tried to write in the guzestbook in kingone's blog...but anyhow it didn't worked ;______; it said that the limit of entries is exceeded o.ô and the blogger has to request more service oô ...shit T___T i really like to write him T___T because he acted so awesome in "devil beside you" ;_; i mean...i have his e-mail address but i don't want to annoy him T___T so..i will keep on waiting until his guestbook works o.o

fuck...why do i always write so long entries o.O i have no life...i see! XD well...merry weekend for everyone! *jumps out of her santa claus costume* :3