Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Sakura Girl single review..short and probably not good

because I was poisoned too much by my heart of rock

1. さくらガール
Okay we know I didn't like it that much yet. Too boyish for me XD

2. あなたがとなりにいるだけで
I think it would have been more enjoyable if that one person in the news com didn't say: "I believe it's made for fans!!"
Yes totally, because it's written by NEWS. *sarcastic* And yes it's for the fans because news only have one fan on this planet. That's why they sing FUTARI. XD  Oh wait I didn't say anything about the song o.O oh never mind

3. Freedom
WTF? o__o Time is running out yes. I mean it's catchy but Freedom freedom~ 命かけて.  etc..but what's the sense behind it o_O I mean it's not like they are soldiers and jailed...sometimes I think the wrong people sing about something which they are totally not concerned in and then they also sing it happily..yay XD

4.Love melodies
I feel sorry for them singing "Presented word" Yeah Love goes on and love is so beautiful unfortunately they have no time to love or fans don't want them to be in love XD

5. さくらガール(A cappella version)
I want to die LA LA LA SAKURA

That's it BYE...LOL well I didn't put much passion in this. I wanted to be neutral..but writing reviews about happy popsongs is hard. I mean what to focuse on? Text is usually..not the important aspect  For the melody aspect..they are good I think..catchy as always for the happy days...although I don't know if I want to listen to a song about FREEDOM happily XDDD though I think the Freedom bside is the best of all o_O

He's precious XD

Hideki talks about his mails he gets via Mixi...lol


And then, stop NANPA-ing me!!
Because I am resembling to a monster in some parts
and coz I am  weak towards cute girls
please stop it.
Truth is, it's because it usually makes my heart beating quickly.

The fun fact is..I just read this after I was having fun with hachan via msn talking stupid senseless stuff XDD

  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
ICH WILL AUCH NEN AUTOGRAMM VON HIDEKI ><  (I want an autograph by hideki as well ><)
ha-chan ~ sagt:
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
UND NICHT NUR DAS XDDDDDD (and not only that
ha-chan ~ sagt:
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
ha-chan ~ sagt:
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
*naja das baby net wirklich  (okay not really the baby)
ha-chan ~ sagt:
*but I know the TRUTH the dirty TRUTH
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
*das ist es net wert  (It's not worth it)
*es würde eh nie aussehen wie hideki (It would never look like Hideki anyway)
ha-chan ~ sagt:
*weißte net  (You don't know)
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
*ich sollte ihm ne sexmail bei mixi schreiben  xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  (I should write a sexmail to him at mixi)
*aber lieber net  (but better not)
*dann beschwert der sich (otherwise he will complain)
*und ich verlier meinen account (and I will lose my account)
*vor allen dingen "sexmail" (above all things "sexmail")
*ich kann ja uch total sexistisch auf japanisch schreiben (because I can write in a totally sexistic way in Japanese) <- sarcastic
ha-chan ~ sagt:
  【DOCI ❤s 栄喜さん】                      sagt:
*danach würde er mich für immer hassen (after that he would hate me forever)
*bzw net mögen >:(   (or lets rather say wont like >:(  )
ha-chan ~ sagt:
*xDDDDDDDD wäre aber ma interessant die reaktion  (But his reaction would be interesting)

but you know I really like how he describes himself as a monster...after he got a mail with
("Hideki and Kimutaku look alike ne!" That's totally a lie)

and then again...what made me lol a lot too XD

He was talking about doing some stretching and had muscle ache after it and somehow he liked to suffer from it and made it even worse by himself...lol
"すげ~~だろ?って俺はM男かっ!! 誤解の無いように言いますが、俺は天才的なサディスト そう!Sexual Sniperなのであります。 "
"Great isn't it? this me saying this, is a M-man!! I am saying it so that there is no misunderstanding, but I am an ingenius SADIST! I am a Sexual Sniper." (Reference to Shamu song XD)

Ah I need to tell that hachan today..at least she can spazz with me about Hideki even though she's no fan XDDDD
How I can go to bed after reading such awesome stuff...ahaha..one-sided platonic love is wonderful
PS: I just translated roughly because..yes I CAN XD

Sonntag, 28. März 2010



Driven so much  in the corner by the darkness that I want to die
Wanting to search for the light so hard that I die

How can he write such stuff....:(  but  it's my favourite track on DETIV..definitely..the only calm song at any rate XD though I think the last "FLASHBACK" scream was unnecessary...but yeah...a little bit metal in every song..or what xD

but it's a beautiful song <3

And then..thats the way I look like when I am not listening to jpop ->

lol :X

Didn't listen to the sakura girl single yet but yeah..maybe tomorrow :O
ah almost 5am..I am tired..but at the same time i want to drink  a coffee and chill  a little bit longer...;Ö;
What to do? Hmm..coffee probably XDD

I had no detrox tag? I wonder why..don't I respect K-A-Z? XDD

Sonntag, 21. März 2010

21 March 2010 @ 09:02 pm

Das mit Abstand einzigste, was mich zur Zeit nicht aufregt ist mit Hachan im MSN zu reden.
Allers andere, schon allein Konversationen zwischen bestimmten Leuten zu lesen, geht mir auch schon auf die Nerven.
Desweiteren geht es mir auf die Nerven, wenn Leute versuchen mein Interesse auf direkten Weg für etwas zu wecken, was ihnen gefällt.
Das fängt bei amerikanischen TV Serien an. Ich hab genug amerikanische Serien im Fernsehen (die ich allesamt sowieso rotzig finde). Wenn ich selber welche sehen wollte, dann würd ich die auch suchen.
LJ geht mir auch irgendwie auf die Nerven aber nicht weil hier zu viel abgeht, sondern zu wenig in den letzten Jahren. Ich mein ich hab 90+ Freunde auf der Freundesliste und davon schreiben immer nur die gleichen Leute. Klar Leute haben ein RL aber irgendwie..ich weiß nicht, die Luft scheint raus zu sein.  Naja von Kommentaren brauch man gar nicht reden.
Muss ich schon extrem ansprechende Einträge schreiben, die einen Effekt auf meine Flist hat um Kommentare zu erhaschen. Aber da ich darauf keine Lust hab, schalt ich die Kommentarfunktion mittlerweile eh aus. Erspart wenigstens auch auf die Kommentare zu antworten.
Aber ich glaub das beruht alles auf Gegenseitigkeit. Lesen ja..aber für Kommentare schreiben bin ich auch meist zu faul..aber ich war ja eh immer die Person, der es meist egal war ob sie Kommentare kriegt oder nicht weil ich ja für mich selbst schreibe.

Und dann merke ich..umso mehr ich mit ner Person befreundet bin..bzw sie näher kennenlerne desto mehr Macken lerne ich von der Person kennen, die mir auch nicht schmecken. Ich mein ja..jeder hat seine Macken aber wenn man sich näher kennenlernt, dann sieht man wenigstens ob man irgendwie kompatibel ist im Sinne von Freundschaft oder was weiß ich.  Aber eigentlich ist das auch nicht so schlimm wenns so ist, da ich eh keine Lust auf Busenfreundschaften habe. Gibt nix schlimmeres für mich als mich von einer Person abhängig zu machen und eifersüchtig zu werden weil die Person mal mit ner anderen redet und man paranoid wird a la: "Neeeein sie wird jetzt bestimmt ihre beste Freundin und ich bin dann abgeschmiert!" Kindische Gedanken..hmm

Ach ich hab doch noch nicht Yamanade 6 und 7 geguckt...naja vllt später..jetzt hab ich uch keine Lust! XD


Though there is so much upcoming stuff this week...I just feel blah. Well actually there is nothing nice at all upcoming.
This week I will find out about if I get the apprenticeship or not. Unfortunately I don't know when she will call..so I just hope that she wont call when I am sitting at the dentist or when I am at the funeral on friday :(
well actually there is also my joblbhablah guy date I have never wished for but I dont thionk of going anyway. There is no point...but aah I really hope I can get this apprenticeship..this would solve a lot of stress and not uncomfortable feelings of sending more and more and more without knowing if I can make it..because the next 2 weeks after this one will be so lively with my sister and her husband..and my 3 nieces...and then going to bavaria. Yeah technically people wouldn't consider it stress but it makes me all go...X_X so many events which change the daily life for some time...well the dentist visit wont affect it xD

hmm..lets go with 2 episodes of yamanade then...ep6 and 7 :O

Samstag, 20. März 2010


Sometimes I wonder why people tell you "My deepest condolences". I mean those people in black..which appear at the spot of the person who passed away...and then put the empty body away covered with a white blanket.
I mean..it's not something they feel honestly..because how can they feel like thatwhen they don't even know you or knew the person who died. It's something they have to say of course..because it's polite behaviour...but I think saying something like this is rather...something emotional..so they should only say it if they mean it..but then again..

I don't know..in some cases I find it rather hard to cry...like for my grandma..it's rather like it makes me cry that she didn't die earlier. Such a life...being the whole day in a bed..not being able to drink like a normal person...not able to eat normal food..not being able to talk...not able to do anything anymore except lying in the bed...getting meds..so many meds that you feel like on drug...being sleepy all the time...and sometimes being forced by the nurses to do some gymnastic...she was home..but in how far this is a life...caught in your body...for like 1 year just lying in this bed...sometimes she was still able to talk some stuff...just some words...
The last time I saw her..I don't know anymore..I don't know anymore if I even visit in 2010...the latest I remember was at the end of December when we decorated my grandpa's tree...well maybe it's a pity I didn't visit them often although they just live like 2 streets away...while my mum was goign there every day..doing duties..but then..I never visited them often...it's not like I didn't love her..it rather seemed so frustrating to me.
Everytime I saw her lying in this bed I thought of...how does she feel...what does she still know..what can she still think of...I don't know what was her brain health like anymore..but..at any rate..it was saddened me.

I don't know what were the reasons of her death in the end..if it was caused by her brain..or her heart..but what does it matter in the end
the fact that fell asleep peacefully, makes me at least a little bit happy.
I really think..people who are able to smile when they die..can't be afraid of death anymore..there can't be something horrible at the top of the stairs...or at the end of the tunnel...and I am somehow glad...when people who were caught in their body while being part of our world..finally can find Peace...and maybe continue "living" they want when they leave our world.
With the thought that my dad and my 2 grandmas are already on the other side..it somehow becomes less uncomfortable..well all 3 died much to early for sure..my dad just died at 34..my dad's mother I think with 70 or at the end of 60s at least..my mum's grandma with 75.
Well..I wonder what affects such things..like every body differs...may it be diseases which will come one by one..some people turn 90 without trouble...I mean my grandpa is about 78 or even 79 I think..but he's more or less still healthy.
But you know..there are older people...which can't deal with the death of their dearest person...and will die soon later. But for my grandpa..I think he's strong. He's really a tough guy..so xD
I am sorry for being so imageless but there are things like this..which can't really get conveyed through images...and there are entries when just a pic is enough without any writings.

Good-bye grandma...




太陽に目を閉じて 永遠を夢にみて
永遠に眠り付く(たどりつく) 階段を上るだけ
So faraway So faraway So faraway So faraway
So faraway No faraway So faraway No faraway ムード
( will always dedicate this song to my dearest people who passed away...)


(I just copied it from my mixi entry because...yeah...added the other bracket part just here though.)

Freitag, 19. März 2010

Have fun at the LBM girls :D

Actually I should have added [info]silberblut 's pupe too..but its difficult to get so many pupes in one pic XD

Montag, 15. März 2010

Wenn ich was hasse,

dann sind es Menschen, die zu sehr von sich und ihrem Können überzeugt sind, sodass sie gar nicht merken in was für Fettnäppchen sie treten. Wer noch nicht mal so einen kleinen aber feinen Unterschied kennt, dem kann ich echt nichts abgewinnen.

Wer meint, dass man durch Quantität und Schnelligkeit einen Blumentopf bei mir gewinnen kann, den muss ich enttäuschen.
Bei Anderen mag das vielleicht der Fall sein, weil sie selbst keine Ahnung von dem haben, was ihnen da aufgetischt wird und über jede Kleinigkeit froh sind. Mich hingegen kotzt solche Arroganz an.

Wenn sie sich selbst für perfekt halten, dann sollen sie verdammt nochmal auch keine Fehler machen.
Sowas erwartet man doch!

Samstag, 13. März 2010


stimmen mich diese Momentaufnahmen so traurig.
Wo ist der Glanz in seinen Augen...und nicht ein einziges Anzeichen eines Lächelns...

Freitag, 12. März 2010

Oldies are goldies ❤

And I love that pv version although it's already 12 years old XDD simply love it..yahyah...though hideki's haircut is uncomfortable for his head shape because it makes him look even skinnier :O but hey yah..12 years...they were still in their end of 20s at that time Ö_Ö Kanjani age? XD
yeah like that...whatever...it has also Dieter Tim..one reason to love it more xDD

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010



Mittwoch, 10. März 2010


Yeah~~~~~ I am back
It was fun
I also got a mixi account

Everyone please get yourself something to enjoy aswell!
Well then...will write more detailled later 8D

Montag, 8. März 2010

Don't really know anymore...

if I really want to do this.
But in fact I don't know anything anymore...all I know is..I will do it today or rather tomorrow and the day after tomorrow...if I get it and feel comfortable with it, it's fine. But in case I realize it's not something I want to do, well it's fine too but then I am at zero again.
The choice is big and difficult.

Although you dont notice that I am gone for 2 days as I dont update everyday here :P

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010



はげしい吹雪も出来ちゃう! やばい、、Σ(゚Д゚|||)
ええ、 偶然に吹雪が止まってしまって、 太陽きた。 



よし、 こーひーをいっぱい作ろう


まぁ、 彼は私にきっとがっかりする。またタバコを吸い始めたんだ。 ε-(´・`) フー

ごめんなさい、お兄ちゃん(; O ;)

訂正がありましたらお知らせしてください。 \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

I really suck at this XDDD
But after all translating =/= being able to write proper stuff LOL

Dienstag, 2. März 2010





これだ →

(if anyone finds mistakes in this paragraph..oh yeah tell me please..I suck at tenses  and grammar)

That's our church lol :O

And that's..well you can't properly see it because its so dark..but there is this hill..right in front.
In my childhood l always luged with my sledge from that hill...there were many children yes...and it was fun ^o^
Well but once in summer I had a bad idea with my cousin...we were going by bike there and thought: let's try out if we can go down with our bikes from that hill...well the result was..I was going much too quickly..and crashed into a tree...well the bike was okay I think, but my genital area wasn't...lol the saddle totally abused it..it hurt a lot >__<

Anyway my dentist said she wants to remove my wisdom tooth...but thats sounds very logical to me *nods*
It looks like...this...hmm of course my teeth dont look like this but I just thought of showing ..how my wisdom teeth is lying XDDD I have seen it on that roentgen pic..I was shocked LOL D: