Samstag, 29. Mai 2010


 ※ DOCI ♥s  栄喜さん ~ずっと栄えて喜んでくれる♪~    sagt:
ich hasse das
wieso darf man nie seinen eigenen alk mit in die halle nehmen
muss man sich schon 2 stunden vorher zusaufen
sollt mal hideki kommen mach ich das
muss ihn mir vorher schön saufen
fuck iberia ey sagt:
XDDDDDDDD jo weil er dann 60 is  
DOCI ♥s  栄喜さん ~ずっと栄えて喜んでくれる♪~    sagt:

DOCI ♥s  栄喜さん ~ずっと栄えて喜んでくれる♪~    sagt:
scheiß leben
ich brauchn kaffee
oder ka was T_T
fuck iberia ey sagt:
hideki ~
DOCI ♥s  栄喜さん ~ずっと栄えて喜んでくれる♪~    sagt:

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

27 Mai 2010 @ 10:24

credits: hisacy's blog

I was like what? XDDDDD
I want to take a photo with Hideki at my dentist too...but wait..our dentists are different....loool cracked me up o_ô

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Because tumblr is a bitch and doesn't let me upload my precious hideki D:

Your love この胸に抱きしめていたい
All your love 溢れるほど
Your love 感じてたい 言葉は要らない♫♪  ❤

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Und so sprach ICH

I know it's neither Yasu's fault nor it's Junjis fault  but the fault of the fucked up Siam Shade and Janne da arc fans who always liked to compare both bands with each other.
And that's probably the reason why I have a grudge on Yasu for "stealing" Junji. Well it's not really grudge it's rather like...oh yeah don't know  fact is I never liked Yasu's voice anyway.
Hell yeah I could join those SS vs JdA battles a butthurt fan.  XDD

Well in reality I am probably just pissed off that all Siam Shade members prefer doing units with guys from other bands but not with themself D:
But I also have the feeling that they just wouldn't want to do it because sticking together 2 or 3 members again means that all fans expect it to sound like Siam Shade. But in the end everyone knows it's not Siam Shade so even if they did  such a thing everyone would still complain and whine coz it's not the real thing.
No matter how you turn it, it's fucked up. At the same time I can't stand the whining at mixi any longer. Those diferect and indirect comments in Hideki's blog. Things like: "Today I listened Siam Shade the whole day~" or "After all Siam Shade are my favourite band" especially second one made me really mad. It was just yesterday I think. Hideki said that he put someone new on the website which was a preview of a new song and then they such stuff. Really. If you think Japanese don't say what they honestly think, you are wrong. Sometimes they are so clumsy it's dreadful.
I mean it's one thing to think that the music "he" makes now is nothing compared to what it was before but this is no respectful behaviour at all. It's egoistic and inappropriated. It made my heart really hurt.  I mean what the hell do you want to tell that person? It's all own egoistic shit. Just trying to put yourself in an artist shoes...reading things like "Oh I liked your previous band more." It would make me personally frustrated. I give my best because music is my life and then I get such a feedback. oO Especially if you are a fan of a certain artist you should know the way he acts like. In Hideki's case it's probably like...he will just work harder and harder and then reaches the rock bottom for a moment and then stands up again...but even so....

Fans are cruel sometimes.
I think that's why artists sometimes have to make the decision..if they do music just for themself or for the fans. But then again..if you just do music for yourself...hmm doesn't work out I think. Why would you want to do music. After all you want others to listen to it....finding the happy medium is tough. At least in this case I can say: It's 100% not a money reason and this makes me always happy.

It's always like this..always...why it's always the fans who frustrate me. Well in most cases it's just annoying..but those other cases are just painful.

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


When I look on my flist right now there is actually no one in a johnnys hype right now. Not even me. xD
It looks like all have quite other interests right now...

BAILAMOOOOOOOOOOOS~ [info]itoshii_hito69  ;D

I didn't even watch the perverted kanjani clip
I am at it right now. It makes me wonder if I was always just ignoring Ryo's horniness or if he's really horny since 2010
In this case I could support this drug rumour which came up some months ago. lol
Oh Jesus perverted Bubu he can dare to touch yasus ass..his gf was upset for sure..but well..yasu wasn't upset either..maybe yasu just has something what we call "alibi gf" XD
aaah this was amazing really..Yokos nice formed ass and Hinas too long ass...and yeah...

Today I have an eyesight test...buuhuu T__T well I dont mind actually..just the fact that my glasses is fucking old and I never use it...and I want a new one but then again..I dont want to go to the optician because if you are at the optician it takes ages till they have finished everything...consultation takes ages =_=" Last time my mum needed a new glasses it took like 2 hours till we left again. this was so fucking annoying >___>

I just remembered that I have an ameblo blog...but yeah why should I use it since I use my mixi blog for all japanese stuff :(
In this way ameblo is quite uncomfortable too...
But in the end..I also have some other pages I started a hideki translation blog for his blogstuff...but you know this is a long way to go..really long...I don't know if I will ever be able to finish all of the last years XDDD

20 Mai 2010 @ 01:14

Butter-fly (Kouji Wada)                             →    Leb deinen Traum (Frank Schindel)
Brave Heart (Ayumi Miyazaki)                   →      Wir werden siegen (Frank Schindel)
Seven (Kouji Wada)                                    →       Vertrau mir (Frank Schindel)
Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Kouji Wada)       →     Ich werde da sein (Frank Schindel)
Kaze (Kouji Wada)                                       →        Deine Chance (Frank Schindel
The biggest dreamer (Kouji Wada)              →         Der größte Träumer (Frank Schindel)
One Vision (Takayoshi Tanimoto)                →         Eine Vision (Frank Schindel)
EVO (WILD CHILD BOUND)                       →           Sei Frei (Fred Röttcher)
SLASH!! (Michihiko Outa)                                →        Spiel dein Spiel (Fred Röttcher)
Innocent ~Mujaki na mama de~ (Kouji Wada)      →        Flieg um die Welt (Frank Schindel)
Break up (Ayumi Miyazaki)                                  →        Wir drehn auf (Fred Röttcher)
Beat it (Ayumi Miyazaki)                                      →      Jetzt ist es soweit (Fred Röttcher)
With the Will (Kouji Wada)                                  →           Wenn du willst (Fred Röttcher)
Fire!! (Kouji Wada)                                              →            Wenn das Feuer in dir brennt (Frank Schindel)
Hirari (Kouji Wada)                                             →     Wolkenreiter (Frank Schindel)
The Last Element (Ayumi Miyazaki)                   →         Die Hyper Spirit Digitation (Frank Schindel)
Oreta Tsubasa de~With Broken Wings~ (Suzumura Ken'ichi)    →   With broken wings (Frank Schindel)
Salamander  (Junko Takeuchi)                             →      Salamder (Noel Pix)

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Don't tell liiiiiiiiiiies!

Don't tell liiiiiiiiiiies!  

1992....btw..this shocked me today XDDDDDD 20years old hardrocker hideki looooool for some reason natin looked like...always xDDD

2002 XDD 30years old "manly" hideki in his famous blue leathertrousers which are just too tight XDD

And now I want a 2012 version!!!! YOU BETTER DO IT LOL
It would be interesting to see them 20 years older compared to the first one XDDD

19 Mai 2010 @ 06:25

Mal gucken wie schön ich mich heute Abend beim Theorieunterricht blamiere.
Am Montag war ja uch schon schön. Aber ist ja auch voll mies der Kerl, was fragt der mich zuerst was, ich komm da total unvorbeitet rein und muss die miesten Fragen beantworten, womit ich mich noch nie beschäftigt habe.

Ja ich hab meinen Fahrlehrer schon jetzt lieb. Die nächsten Wochen werden Spaß. XDDD
Aber vielleicht ist andere ja netter und sexy~~~
Achja..imaginär hätt ich andere Leute als Fahrlehrer im Kopf 8DDDDDD
Aber ich kann ja so tun als obs andere sind....

Naja der Fahrlehrer hat nen trockenen eigenartigen Humor...sagt dinge wie.
"Wenn du Hänger sagst.....ich würd dir ja mal den Unterschied zwischen Hänger und Anhänger erklären aber wir haben Mädchen hier."
Achja und? Die eine war mindestens 17 und ich bin...ja alt? XD Aber ich glob sowas muss auch nicht mehr erklärt werden danach...
Oder:  " dann stell mir vor das aufm Rücksitz deine 150kilo schwere Schwiegermutti sitzt und neben ihr liegt nen 5 Kilo schwerer Sack Kartoffeln. Irgendwann wirste sie vermissen" Worums ging hab ich vergessen..aber der Kerl hat echt eigenartige Beispiele XD
Die sollt man sich eigentlich aufschreiben...vielleicht mach ich das heut mal..aber ich glaub heute kommt vielleicht der andere...ach man ist das alles tragisch

Unser schöner Euro T__T
vor 3 monaten konnt ich nor meine kanjani dvd für 46euro kaufen...nun müsst ich 52€ zahlen :/
Holt die DM raus! Es nützt nix mehr~~ Jaja so ist das...als hätten wa nicht schon  genug in der Scheiße gesessen, aber nee die Griechen mussten ja in Saus und Braus leben während unser Fernsehen von HARTZ IV Junk geprägt wurde.
Naja noch gibts Stullen im Haus..heißt verhungern muss ich nicht. XD
Globalisierung bringts manchmal doch nicht so...aber können sich ja jetzt alle freuen dasse Reisen nach Europa fürn Appel undn Ei kriegen. Das war wahrscheinlich der Grund warum der eine Japaner, vorn paar Tagen seinen Tripp gebucht hat, sehr schlau.

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Eine Erkenntnis am Morgen, vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen XDD

Ha-chan sagt:
aber wenn ich dran denk keinen sex T_T selbst mit kerl
 ※DOCI ♥s 栄喜さん~今夜は釘を打ってくれよ♪~      sagt:
Ha-chan sagt:
will auch ma wieder obszön sein
 ※DOCI ♥s 栄喜さん~今夜は釘を打ってくれよ♪~      sagt:
frag hideki
aber der kommt bestimmt net umsonst
Ha-chan sagt:
 ※DOCI ♥s 栄喜さん~今夜は釘を打ってくれよ♪~      sagt:
Ha-chan sagt:
ich weiß
aber war lustisch

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

15 Mai 2010 @ 01:09

※DOCI ♥s 栄喜さん~今夜は釘を打ってくれよ♪~ sagt:
der anime ist traurig D:
kommst dir vor wie inner käseglocke XD
darfst net hinter die stadtmauern
fänd ich irgendwie scheiße
wenn ich in meinem umfeld eingeschränkt wäre aber schon alles kenne irgendwann
Ha-chan sagt:
wäre DDR
   ※DOCI ♥s 栄喜さん~今夜は釘を打ってくれよ♪~    sagt:
aber die ddr ist größer als das da XDDD
eh..WAR größer

Ohne Worte. I fail
Ha-chan haut das so trocken raus. lol

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010


Someone uploaded the WAIVE performance that I adored a lot 5 years ago...because it turned out as my favourite song of them XDD
Seeing it again after such a long time made me feel really nostalgic ö__ö though Yoshinori that guitar still annoys me a lot. He shouldn't sing..not even as second totally destroyed a song called "C" He simply can't sing he should give it up >__> no I am not talking about the vocal (Schilo 8D) I am  talking about that guitarist in this awful costume. How happy I am that he is not in Rayflower! *_*
Btw I saw the full version finally...aaaw as thought it has a nice short guitar solo and a nice piano line too in the highlight "zone" XD

Yippie~ spam over xDDD

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

So ein kranker Scheiß XDD

Wurst ist in uns allen!!

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

10 Mai 2010 @ 01:40

and now I am sitting here lol...
don't want to fall back to my old behaviour...wasting my day o.ô

Remember that? The problem is, it happens all the time because you don't see it as a waste. Maybe I need to get some more light..because my highest activity is while it's dark outsite.
But roomlight is just 500lux outsite. Sunlight however is 20 000lux (in summer even about 100 000lux) @.@  Which is probably the reason why I  usually screw up my eyes when the sun is out and illuminating the environment. It's too bright it somehow hurts my eyes ;__;
Maybe hard to understand that I can like music like this.XD But if you didn't know it yet...I like japanese oldschool music.

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

09 Mai 2010 @ 07:53

"4Minute is another example of how tough it is to debut in Japan."

This makes me kind of remember...when Siam Shade wanted to release one of their albums in korea they had to record it in english before because japanese was forbidden in korea。Yes..Southkorea. Unfortunately I don't know yet why it was forbidden in Southkorea to release japanese music. Oh okay now i know ->

Japan's popular culture, including Japanese-language theater performances, television and radio broadcasts, publications, and pop music, had been prohibited since 1945. This ban was no doubt triggered by the Korean people's strong feelings about the Japanese-language education that was forced on them in the years of Japanese colonial rule over their country. But in recent decades Japanese culture has seeped in to the general public through such media as satellite broadcasting and the Internet. Though not officially approved, large amounts of Japan's cultural products have already entered South Korea and have become a familiar part of many people's lives.

Which other question pops up on  my mind is. Why do Korean artists release their stuff in Japan. It's not like I think "oohoo fuck off!" it's rather like, I think it's a lot easier for Korean to learn English. Yes they are probably a lot better in that and still they prefer learning Japanese (more or less) and release stuff in Japan instead of releasing stuff international right away. I mean technically japan's music industry is just a small shark.
Anyway because of the earlier mentioned reason I think it's somehow' Japan's  right to make it a little bit harder for korean to have success..but then again..I think the korean artists punish themself by doing it in the same way they somehow forced japanese artists to release their stuff in Korea. xD Na not serious talk...

It seems like Japan likes Taiwan most of all asian countries...and then i think it's Southkorea by now..
But then again I wonder what's up with all those bitching in Asia. They should get themself a cookie.
I mean if I see the results which countries Japanese people like the most it's like
30% Taiwan     23% America     20% others 17% Germany   5% Australia  and 4% England
However that's only a poll from 2009 with about 500 votes. So not really convincing but.,well.

Anyway living in our lovely Europe makes us all buddies..but yeah there were also different times, right. XD

Samstag, 8. Mai 2010


Even though I already spammed twitter with it, I do it here again because I am quite surprised.
I just started watching ”裏切りは僕の名前を知っている” Well honestly I didn't even finish the opening yet because it made me upset somehow.
Well not upset in a negative connections. It's like I somehow liked the vocals voice..but also wondered who he is since his voice was somehow familar to me. When I looked at the japanese Wikipedia to look who's singing it...well without checking who's RAYFLOWER I typed it in Youtube and found the half PV and then..I looked at it..and then..."NO WAY IT'S NOT HIM AGAIN. WHY IT'S HIM!"
I went to wikipedia right away and looked who are the band members..and once again...i was's the EX-WAIVE vocal.
He's chasing me everywhere, really...Strobo...and then he was like in 2 other bands..and then...I read just some weeks ago there is a WAIVE reunion. So I am really can he be in RAYFLOWER then. o_o

Well then I had the next shock because they have SAKURA (early EX-Larc) on drums. XDDD  Why does Sakura join them I
The shocking continued when I read IKUO as guitar..who is in still in BULLZEICHEN88 together with Junji *__* <3
After that the next shock came with YUKI (Ex-Dustar/ Aucifer) wasn't it like that Aucifer planned a reunion too?? XD
Well last shock then was the keyboarder EX-SOPHIA. Hideki just wrote recently about him that he should fight for his life coz he has cancer or something.

Well you probably don't really get my shock, you probably don't even know all those people but I find it just surprising that all those people are somehow connected with eachother. Like it's indirectly again a connection between Hideki and Junji <3 Not only that but I really liked 2 Waive songs ö___ö PLACE is my favourite..well it was already 6 years ago. XDD
That band somehow gives me nostalgia with those bandmembers. XD

Takayukisan has black nails. He tries to be evill...but I know that he fails..he's not really evil at all oô because he uses totally manly smileys like (´∀`)  in his blog xD  but he can't beat Junji..Junji has the cutest smileys of all o(・∀・)o ..well Daita also has them..but when daita uses them it seems gay to me XDDD
In the past I always called Takayuki "Schilo" because he has a slight squint xD

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Diese Welt..

sie macht mich mal wieder unglaublich krank.
Dieser graue Alltag, den einige an den Tag legen, ist wirklich belastend.
Nun ja, ich bin weit davon entfernt einen interessanten Alltag zu haben aber das liegt einfach nur daran, dass mir die Möglichkeiten fehlen.
Es gibt Dinge, die man oft nicht so schnell ändern kann.
Um dem  grauen Alltag zu entfliehen muss ich wohl diesen Ort verlassen. in ein neues Abenteuer das man dennoch mit Vorsicht genießen sollte

Latest Hideki pics on mixi found LOL

Well Geo found it..anyway its form 2007..but I somehow found it funny...the fun fact small that other guy whoever he is looks like next to him XDDDDD

Thinking of that...It's TIM on the right *__* the Hideki x Tim love existed even then! It's not a dead shipping XD

but that guy is really small.:I wonder how tall he is o_o he must be even smaller than myself...about..I don't know...1,60m or something probably :O  anyway..sorry for the rant. I don't bring much colour to your flist XD

And I noticed that the kpop period on my flist also stopped some months ago. It's like back then there were everyday spams about them..but's like no one is spamming anything anymore. People got tired of livejournal maybe. But don't worry..I will continue spamming you with my delusional fangirl shit :D

Which reminds me of. Siam Shade finally overtook Kanjani in my last fm. I never thought it would happen. Of course that doesn't mean anything in particular. Somehow it feels this will be a sad Kanjani year but I am not whining no. It's like..I can even fangirl about "dead" bands so even if there is not much's okay. There is still everyday stuff which you can fangirl about..even if it deeeeeply

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Hideki & Arashi on one screen...too good to be true


as you see it happened....arashi look so...young xDDDD
okay they were young...they really look like brats...

Music station 2000...wahaha XD

Now I could even write SS x Arashi smut but I don't want could I mix a 17year old matsujun with a 28year old Hideki @.@
Such moments are those when I realize I was born at the wrong time. Me and my brother should have swapped ..then I would be 34 by now already...lols..although I am not sure if I want to be 34 already D: but this makes me  a musume-chan! T_T
Hideki could be my father ...a young father but still not impossible...
38 - 22 = 16year old's a fathercomplex, I tell you  XD

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010


Yes those are moments when I think I should believe him when he says he's a monster.

I still don't think he is one but I don't want to face his angry self. It's frightening somehow T_T

Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Lalalala ❤

:D Yes I am easy to handle like this XD
Didn't you know..HD is overrated. Such lousy tv streams and LQ is so nostalgic anyway.
It really lower's your standards. (I am just trying to lower my standards as well so that I am not too disappointed everytime xD)

I think I need more Hideki gifs ppfff o__o
His cheekbones are so wonderful when he's smiling :D

Today I will go the vet with my stepsis. Our guinea pigs are seems they have mites >__<
Seems like it wasn't as we expected..poor Pischty is always scratching herself ;_;

Waaah have a Dark & Light Earworm..just because of Youth-Ks videos! Darkness and the Liiiight~~~
But yeah you know already that my heart is actually beating for good made rockmusic. Well "good" is subjective xD
Speaking of which, Junpei and Hideki in Acid was an awesome combination. The only not so awesome thing is that Junpei sometimes sounded pretty Hidekish..which lead sometimes to confusion. But usually I know who sings which

Well the minority of my flist does understand what I talk about XD
People like...[info]aya_mcdonald , [info]bloody_train  ,  [info]geochan  & [info]luna_detrox  lol I just noticed Luna has Hideki's big bad wolf as icon XD Somehow I just noticed right now..that it's probably a wolf. Though I don't know till today what is the other thing on his left arm..a dog?
Well in his case, I think it's a cat but it does look like a dog o_O But I must admit that's probably my least favourite tattoo...but was a sin of his youth or something..oh god and while searching for the real thing..I mean to find out what it was I found something totally funny XDD Well its not funny for everyone probably only for me. So better don't click it anyway. The fun fact inside which made me laugh was..that he looked like a giant on that little bike...and then had cats hair all over his dark shirt..hahaha 11cats he had back then..O_____o Then it was that time I guess...

Anyway I will never get why people sell what they loved before for a long time. Why did they buy it in the beginning?
It doesn't make sense to me. I want the Siam Shade Perfect Collection '___'  Haha just kidding. I couldn't achieve and it's not purchasable anymore anyway >-<  nah not that expensive..177euro only..for 10 albums thats it's a good price o.ô I think tappaja and Aya have it. Lucky! T_T
Ah I will just shut my mouth now and will rest a little bit...I need some other hobbies in life. My mind is all over fandom. It might be a defense response. Well but that's what I enjoy the most somehow...:(

Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

I will never recover after...

read what Hideki's erogenous zone is. NEVER
I mean..yeah probably it's the erogenous part of every man but seeing it written down is...aaah
ヤバイ! >_<  めっちゃ恥ずかしくなっちゃった!! 裏筋とはそういうモノじゃないなぁ!って思った。やっぱりそういう意味がある、、、なんかきもい。 治るためにどうすればいいのかな、、
栄喜さんの顔を見ることが本当にできねーよ (;_;) なぜプロファイルでそんなこと書かれた??   
>< まぁ、10年前だったね、、ファンページで!

以上! m(_ _)m

で、 得意技は69なんだ! 亮たんと同じだよ!! あぁぁああああ>_< 亮たんだ? なぜたった今亮たんと呼んだ?><

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

"Get a Life"

Yes I am going...>___>
Isn't it cool when one of your favouruite bands is telling you to get a life and stop wasting time with spending too much time with them? :)
Anyway..yeah I am heading north my bed...(well technically lying in the West...but never mind)
Aaaah I think that's one of the songs which he is only able to scream. xD
I was so hardworking today Hideki would punch me if I told him "I stalked all the people you have something to do with at lives today just to get some further pics! Turned out great. 8! Not even in 3months i usually get that much ö__ö"
But honestly I just realized now again after watching get a life, I am wasting too much life with listening to music. It might be part of a life but it probably has a too big impact on me @__@
That's why..yes Hideki:  I won't fuck with you! ( I wouldn't even have any options XD)

 *yaaawns* and I am always amazed by those quality vids at youtube..well I have a better rip but I don't want to do something illegal since I just reopened a new youtube account..that must be safe for the next 3 years at Any in the end I just want it to be here..with pixel or not. Part of my blog, part of my world, Objections are pointless. :DDDDD

And yes Geo, Daita is Yours...well.I am not able to say that here..because Kari and Gaby could see this....o__O;
Mine, yours, ours, their own. xD