Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Goodbye my lovely home~~~ for 4 weeks XD much luggage..:( and its actually even more but well..XD

dyed my hair today..its red-brown now wuhuu

looks weird in the cam o_O actually it's a little bit darker hmm
one of my killing eyes...I am sorry :/ my eyes can really look's because i have the same dead fish eyes like my daddy XDD really,,he also had these kind of dead "eyes" not to remember the point in his life when I turned him into a pirate by accident for weeks :( but thinking back now..I think it was in the same year he died. pirates are like hereos or legends..they die at the best part of their life. o.o (well can't refer to my dad's career here cause he worked concrete goods..creating cement all day. well unhealthy job so maybe also a reason why he died in his 30s. Aaah
why do I talk about daddy so often D: Maybe i still miss him? Anyway~ tomorrow or better today is my welcome thingy at my apprenticeship place. And then starting from monday it's working time~~ I am somehow not that excited. Good like that but the excitement will come early enough I assume. XD

Downloaded tons of stuff...well not that much just the last episodes of tegami bachi and episode 2 and 3 of joker. Since I don't want isdn speed just because I am too greedy and download too much xDDD maybe I should download something else additionally before..but idea what. o.o *crosses fingers*


Freitag, 30. Juli 2010


For some reason I am far away from being ready for moving in my "flat" (well you can call it flat just with the fact that I share the kitchen but yeah XD)
I am bad at organizing such in the end I didn't put together all things yet I want to take along...I guess a normal human being would be at least that organized to write down everything he/she wants to take along one a piece of paper but not even this I
But I guess in the end I will manage's like the cosplay most of the cosplayers just feel well when they finish their cosplay on last minute I feel good to put everythign together in the last minute..and then..I still don't feel like being able to pack everything together D:
It's like...a feeling that you still need it anyway so you can't put it anywhere. The truth is

But know today I had my theory "exam" for my driver license and I pwnd it with 0 mistakes buahahaha~ really happy XD no additional 42euro~ that's good. Wanted to write a sms to my big brother  because my mum thought he would be happy if I told him about it. But in the end I didn't do it yet.  And aah..didn't dyed my hair yet either. So I will do it I guess I will do everything my room included...aah I think I will really miss this place...XD

aaah time to start cleaning...

edit: since I wrote this entry without publishing it already 4 hours ago..I managed a little bit more of my packing :O

Montag, 26. Juli 2010



And then..omg..yesterday I was hunting for pics out of boredom and got the enlightment that it's not only that Hideki dyed his hair blond but on top of that it's a blond I don't like because it's the blond my mum always uses too for her dyeing XDDD
Or how did  [info]luna_detrox  also say: "I honestly prefer him with dark hair" ?? XD Yes's probably the blond we call "fail" which happens quite often in the japanese world right. I just remember the failed Ryo blond eeew xD although if it is Ryo it always failed...O.o
Anyway what made me wonder in these pics with this guy is...if I didn't read that he calls Hideki his Senpai I would have thought he's at least 5years older or something.  This is the moment when [info]geochan  would say: "Age depends on each person!" and then she would say again "Hideki's skin colour doesn't match!! it looks like photoshopped!!" cause his face skin is yellowish and his hand is I really have senseless topics to write about but I don't care. You know I write what I want to write about. XD

Yesterday my niece decided to watch the whole time Tegami Bachi with me o_O that's why I said today that I won't watch it. Yes, and I wasn't lying cause I am not watching it tonight anymore.(Mainly coz I don't want my niece to disturb me today anymore..hahaha)  Instead I should watch joker ep2 maybe?? Well, have still a few more days left but I also need to start packing my bag very soon and think about what I still need to buy.
And then on top of that I also have my  theortical driver license "exam" on thursday...aaw...but you know today I went to my driver teacher and he let me do 3 tests on the pc and I pwned all of them~ But this doesn't mean anything yes I know..I shouldn't be too optimystic..but better like that than getting all hysterical and close to hyperventilating on thursday. Wouldn't be cool if I get a heart yes..let's be relaxed...if I won't make it...damn it was only 42euro..but I will make it...cause I am the super great Doci ha! (Okay that's too optimystic..but you need to push yourself in such moments right right?? xD)

And I still don't get club8!!! (aaah just now opened it again and now it's like scary knocking at the door when mousovering the shitty door!! wtf is this D: or may it be that I always miss the time when the club is open? XDD) cousin brought herself an iphone for 1euro..I mean yeah...45euro per month contract with internet and blah flatrate..wouldn't know if it's worth buying for me though..since I am a cellphone pooper...and somehow the iphone is quite heavy and...not really handy? who needs this shit seriously D: where is the beautiful time gone to when you didn't need any stupid pc to even make your cellphone come to life??? my cousin needed to "bear" her iphone with my pc cause her internet connection at home sucks so she couldn't download itunes properly..holy shit.
Anything else?? No, guess not for the moment.

Aaaaah Junji was visiting the Bismarcksturm in Bochum yesterday \(・∀・)/

I still can't forget about the sausage pic he took on the way from Munich to Bochum...

aaaah will really stop now~

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

23 Juli 2010 @ 10:33

Yesterday I went with my mum, my nieces, my stepsis, my aunt and cousins and my mums friend to an animal park..yeahyeah XD
No pics too shoot coz we all missed our cam...but my cousin made a video and then at the end a lama wanted to spit at her..:O
Anyway..can't show it..coz she didn't upload it yet.

But anyway that animal park is interesting cause it's very close to the polish border so many polish people also come there everyday and everything has german + polish signs. (No english ones...XD)
The town is also at the Zalew Szczeciński~ well the german side of it.
Thinking of that..even though I live so close to Poland I don't know any polish. On the other hand it's frustrating because many polish people learn German instead. XDD But if you think about, you don't learn any language as long as you don't see in how far it could be useful for you. And at this right polish isn't useful to me at all. (´ω`)/

Apart from that...watched Joker ep.1 finally yesterday evening!  Well apart from the lousy avi quality..rather speaking of the sound cause I can't watch the 1024 mp4 version on this pc, it was alright I think. xDD
Personally a quite shocking episode I think. But I guess that's what the dorama is about. So I expect that the second episode has also a quite disgusting topic. Think the cast does a OKish work. Though I find it rather amusing that Date has always a smiley face no matter what kind of situation is given. For Ryo...hmm..reminds me a little bit of a mix of his role in Attention please and Taisuke (RnK). Doesn't seem to me  that this role is a challenge for him so far.

Since I use magnesium pills the muscle twitching somehow stopped.(Well didn't stop completely yet but became a lot less) But it's not the ultimate solution well lets see if it changes starting from august. :D

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Hideki in meinem Traum O_O

Gestern Abend träumte ich von Hideki O__o
Wir waren in meinem Zimmer und ich hab ihm massiert...erst hatte noch das Tshirt an aber dann hat ers ausgezogen oô...und ich hab weiter massiert...
und plötzlich...drehte er sich um...stellte sich hinter mich..und fing an meinen Hals zu lecken O.o ...naja..nett wars schon...wäre da nicht Luna gewesen die im gleichen Zimmer war und an meinem PC saß...
Irgendwie hatte ich das Gefühl, dass er Sex wollte..und deshalb verließen wir irgendwie das Zimmer und standen auf meinem Flur...wir wollten irgendwie ins Zimmer nebenan gehen..aber es überkamen mich Gewissensbisse. Erstens konnte ich das Luna nicht antun..und dazu kommt noch, dass ich plätzlich daran dachte schwanger zu werden, wenn ich es mit ihm nebenan treibe...
naja..und so hab ich ihn irgendwie weggeschickt T__T

Was man alles so an Chancen im "Leben" verpasst. XDD
Der Grund warum ich davon geträumt habe ihn zu massieren, ist wahrscheinlich der, dass ich kurz zuvor bei Daita im Twitter gelesen habe, dass er sich gerade massieren lä egal...naja xD

Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010




このパート ->


亮: ラーメン好き?
渋やん: ラーメン好き!俺トンコツなんだよね。亮は? 
渋やん: えぇえ 楽しみやな
亮: 楽しみ~
安: 聞いてくれよ 俺にも
渋やん: アハハハハ えぇ何?
安: 俺もトンコツ!
渋やん: 亮としゃべったら今、入って来んといてくれ
安: その楽しい会話をやらしてくれよ!


で、DETROXのDVDの発表!!ヤタ━━━━━━ヽ(゚・∀・゚)ノウヒョ ━━━━━━!!!
また、先月はね、、YOUTUBEで日本人にコメントして、伝えた内容はこれだー> 「(^^) もし、何時かDVDを公表したら、もっと幸せになります☆」
まさか、栄喜さんがコメント読んだかな!? その場合には感動し過ぎてるんや(;_;) 嘘だよね、、えっ本当に感動してるが、栄喜さんがコメント読んだ事って嘘だろう~~♪(^・ェ・^)


昨日はCAMINOのHAYATOさんが勝手にFACEBOOKプロファイルに「HI!」と書いていてくれたんだ(O__o) 何だ?!!っていうか一体どうなってるんだよ!? 嬉しかったがおかしいな! がしかし、 考えてみればHAYATOさんがMIXIで何ヶ月前にも「HI!」というメッセージを送ってくれたんだけど、気づいていなくて、ただ3ヶ月後はメール読めちゃった(T_T) アホか私は!!ヾ(゚д゚)ノ゛

なんとなく、、むかついてんの。 なんだって??? K-A-Zさんは清春さんとだけ付き合いそうや、、清春さんとしか写真を撮らなくて、TWITTERで写真をリンクするんだ、、栄喜さんはどうかな??(゚;T;゚)  分かってる!!って言ってもとても嬉しくないなぁ!! ムキャー!! ヾ(`Д´*)ノ 
それわかっても写真も時々見たいわ☆ かわいいね!!❤❤❤っていうわけではなく、カッコイイすぎ!!☆☆というためなんだ!!www

今日は雨が降るらしい、、しかし雨降らないなーーー!! 嘘つき!!o(>_<)o
以上!!はいはい (<__<)

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Here comes the sun lalalala

Something which just came up on my mind...
I wonder if my nick Doci is already something like an "identity". I mean no matter what my user names the end it's Doci.
I even can't imagine another nick I would like to be called on the Internet.

And then maybe I should also consider thinking that my shape is in need of improvement. I mean, how can you become a better human if you don't set yourself goals. Somehow it's admirable if even Japanese in their 30s or 40s still say things like: "I want to become a blahblah person". But maybe it's a culture thing. I never heard any german person at that age saying he wants to become a better person like that.
Like I somehow have the feeling that in our culture we don't consider improving and learning as a life-long process. Maybe it exists that we want to improve but we rarely talk about such stuff.  Maybe it's also a generation gap or I don't know.

Well, sometimes we have to make compromises it seems. This is totally out of the

Hmm if I think about something else. Communication in real somehow quite different from writing via Internet or such things.
I guess I would never talk to anyone about such feelings and thoughts..somehow rl communication seems rather superficial to me in this case.  I mean how often in your life you talk about your feelings like for real, talk about uncomfortable topics which actually make you cry..etc.
Finding a person you can trust so much that you can say such things in their face is tough.

Anyway..thanks for all your birthday wishes. Was really happy (^^)
Unfortunately I am too lazy to answer all your individual wishes with a thank you...I gave up doing that after I got so many messages on different places. (>_<) But don't worry. That doesn't mean I don't like you! XD
And Oh I am sorry for more or less disabling commenting like in every entry.
Somehow I am in a disabling phase.  not that I want to feel untouchable or something. XD But of those here know a way how to communicate with me anyway.

Which reminds me of...I don't like Facebook. Even though I am there I somehow am not in the mood to post "what I am doing there" etc. In this way twitter became much more useful. Though I also must admit that I am spamming there way too much so it's like I reached a point that I have nothing much to chat about here anymore.

Maybe about creepy baked Ryo. Ha looking forward to Joker START! Well somehow I am afraid..cause I have a bad memory of Orthros. Somehow Orthros wasn't that appealing to me in the end. But yeah let's face the last months I changed my fandom habits even more. It's not like I have new fandoms or anything. It's rather like I put some more weight on one scale.
This is somehow impressive however. Rather putting more weight on something passive than on something active. It's crazy. But in the end I guess several things had an influence which made up this temporarily result.

And then I also think of giving my journal a new style again before August is coming up. That's because...August means something like a new start to it would be also good to reflect that here. If you know what I mean...but unfortunately I have no clue about the layout I want xDDD

Did I write enough now? And hey this time It wasn't you-know-who related hurra! Yes I am scary and obsessed like that.

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010




Such beautiful words by him ❤
And you's thanks to Germany's defeat that he thought like this.
After all it also has its advantages, so it's nothing I should be disappointed about if I get such words instead.
Today is my brother's 35th Birthday ❤
That's all..well it's not only that but I never felt at any time to also point out that it is my own birthday coz I see no reason to mention it.
It's like it would just feel like "Today is my birthday, so tell me "Happy Birthday" bitches!"
I prefer getting happy birthdays just without mentioning it coz there I know "Oh they remembered it's today! Lovely"
But honestly I don't mind if people forget it either because I never enjoy this day either. XD

I am not writing alot lately yes but I don't feel like there is something mentionable.
Went to the dermatologist yesterday with my mum. Seems like my ugly big mole on my back is "good-natured" well lesser problem to care for.  But even so there are always other things to be bothered.

And why the fuck is white chocolate always so delicious (>__<)