Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Hideki hat die Haare schöhööön die Zweite!! *----*

Audio and video quality sucks but I dont mind...I love it *______*

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Hideki hat die Haare schöhööööööööön!! *----*

aaaw I can't await to get that dvd! <3! XD

oooohoooh arigatou. hideki is so happy o.o

also my bahncard came today! The Deutsche Bahn is really
tomorrow I am going back to the baltic sea...aaaw I am sad somehow lol

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


Kathrin (31 Jahre, Azubi): Wie muss ich da unten waschen?
Tina: (26, Azubi): Vom Pulla zum Po!
Fr. Grimmer (hmm geschätzt.. mitte 20, Lehrer): *guckt verwirrt* Das heißt vom Scrotum zum Anus!

Irgendwie war das amüsant xDDDD aber die stunde war sowieso amü irgendeiner stelle konnte selbst frau grimmer sich nicht mehr halten. ich glaub ..hmm um was ging es da...ich glaub der aufsteckbare penis wollt nicht rangehen an die puppe...die mussten kathrin und tina erst ranfummeln XD
Naja war lustig auf jeden fall aber morgen wirds toternst. und ich könnt mir vorstellen ich versaue es wobei da eigentlich nichts bei sein sollte. aber wir müssen auf zensur waschen...böööh

Und dann noch..scheiß Bahn ey! Ich komm nicht klar. schicken se mir nen brief weil ich letzte woche ne bahncard per internet bestellt habe. und nu wollen se noch nen foto haben...dabei hab ich das bei der online bestellung mit angegeben....
ergo..ich hab keine bahncard..und auch keine vorläufige. muss versuchen die irgendwie rangeschaffen zu bekommen...entweder per automaten morgen wo ich meine zweifel hab oder beim db service...hmm......ach die sind wirklich inkompetent...

ach morgen wird ein schöner tag...
klausur in pflege, kontrolle in deutsch, minirede in deutsch, waschkontrolle....dqas einzige wo ich mich zurücklehnen werde ist versicherungsscheiß fach bei frau bohn. Find ich immer noch amüsant...ich hab vorher nie wen namens bohn außer meine verwandten gekannt...aber anscheinend gibts noch mehr, die darunter leiden müssen.
Aber der eine aus unserer klasse hats auch nicht leicht..ich mein Popela...ich glaub über einen POPEL-Witz kann der bestimmt nicht mehr lachen xDDDD
so dann streit ich mal zur tat...ich brauch schlaf...aber vorher noch lernen...hmm...scheiße v.v

Das Wort zum Tag: Spiele nie Blackjack auf pigg an dem Tisch mit dem Schokoladenmann! Hab heut erst wieder schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht. Nach gefühlten 15minuten hatte der mich ausgenommen wie ne weihnachtsgans.
Morgen wird wohl mein letzter BJ-Spielenachmittag da es am freitag wieder an die schöne Ostsee geht.
Ich weiß net...irgendwie kommts mir so vor als ob ich da das letzte mal vor 6 Monaten war dabei isses grad mal 22 Tage her...
aber dank diesem Blocksystem kommt einen alles so...keine Ahnung...schnell vergänglich...vor? XD

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Meme Tag 1!!

Okay I mops a meme by rami and vanü!!
but you know since I don't like kpop I decided I just change all questions and change them to jrock XDDD
well I dont have a favourite girl group since I dont listen to girl groups in particular..but well maybe...lets see lool

well first day is obvious....or is there anyone out who doesn't know that? XDDD

Day 1: Your favorite j-rock guy group

The insider band logo...woohoo!
Day 2: Your favorite j-rock girl group
Day 3: Your ultimate j-rock guy bias
Day 4: Your ultimate j-rock girl bias
Day 5: Your favorite j-rock song from your favorite guy group
Day 6: Your favorite j-rock song from your favorite girl group
Day 7: A j-rock song that makes you cry
Day 8: A j-rock song you know all the words to
Day 9: Your favorite j-rock performance
Day 10: A j-rock dance you’d like to learn
Day 11: Your favorite j-rock music video
Day 12: The very first j-rock song you ever heard
Day 13: A j-rock group you dislike and why
Day 14: A j-rock song that makes you smile
Day 15: A j-rock song that reminds you of someone you miss
Day 16: Your favorite j-rock lyric (and a translation)
Day 17: A j-rock idol you wish was your older sibling
Day 18: A j-rock idol you wish was your younger sibling
Day 19: Your favorite interview of a j-rock idol or group
Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy j-rock bias
Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl j-rock bias
Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite j-rock group
Day 23: A picture of a j-rock idol who you think is underrated
Day 24: A picture of a j-rock idol who you think is overrated
Day 25: Your favorite j-rock music video
Day 26: Your favorite cover of a j-rock song by another j-rock artist
Day 27: Your favorite dance battle
Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a j-rock artist
Day 29: A j-rock song you never get tired of
Day 30: A j-rock idol that has amazing eye smiles

21 September 2010 @ 05:00 pm

not intend to reply to the lj quote I am quoting here directly but I somehow think it was...or is a little bit...simpleminded.

"I don't care how many they sold. I'm just happy that they're back. I miss fangirling over them. Go NewS!" 

Even if you don't, the Jimusho does care for the sales and this affects the activity.
Why don't they get it.

I was really coughing when I read it's just 156k for the first week. I am honest, I didn't download it yet but I really wonder what is the reason why the sales are so low. Well let's see how 8uppers is doing. It's not like as I see it as a fight or something but I am curious. o.o

Samstag, 18. September 2010


Started an ameba pigg a while ago thanks to [info]none_neither 
Well I already had one before but didnt know how to really use it xD

If you want to become pigg friends with me
my ameblo is rainknell
Or just give me your ameblo so I can add you by myself. :)

Together with [info]none_neither  XD

And..unfortunately I am only playing when I am at home cause my Internet is too slow for playing when I am in my working period xD

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

さよなら さよなら 列車は星をすり抜ける♪♪

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.
Name 10 songs you love starting with that letter.

I got S by [info]daydreamar ...DRECKI! <3

in no special order xD

SEVEN - 和田光司
Because Kouji Wada and Digimon = LOVe and SEVEN is nostalgic...XDD
STEREO - 錦戸亮
Because I allways loved the  47 performance with his hat and the guitar in his :D

せつなさよりも遠くへ - SIAM SHADE
I don't know it's Siam Shade and an awesome song. XDD

世界が終わるまでは。。。 - WANDS
Thanks to ACID who covered it...while here my thanks goes to hideki again for founding acid and being in it for a short time..I was able to find this awesome old school song back then. And I never watched slam dunk!

最終列車 - ムック
Saishuu Ressha...memories of a nice time and still one of my favourite MUCC songs <3

Well I don't love it that much like Nostalgia..but it somehow grew on me XD

さよなら愛しい人よ。 - 清木場俊介
Guess the only song by Kiyokiba Shunsuke I will love forever XD addicting.

Oldschool siam shade song is... oldschool

さよなら - L’ARC~EN~CIEL
Somehow L'arcs sayounara has the same oldschool feeling like the sadness song. I can be wrong..let me check it..okay sayonara is from 1996 and sadness from 1995. XD already know I like oldschool 90s...

3月9日 - レミオロメン
No explanation is enough I guess. :D

Was really thinking hard about it and ended up witthout anyy Kanjani song with S. I mean I like Sukiyanen, Osaka but it's not a song I can listen to much anymore cause it's basically that kind of an earworm you can't listen to anymore in your whole life 2 times in a row. XDD
Actually I thought better not using 2 songs of the same artist..but I couldn't resist since I love both by heart xDD (not to forget about shangri-la..hmm)

I wonder right now if my tooth stopped hurting because of the half pill I took or because it finally stopped cause it wanted to. Not like that it was that painful but you know  that..if something is constantly hurting even if it's just a little pain it gets annoying. and no..dont tell me I should go to the dentist. it's exactly because I went to the dentist today. XD

And I still feel like breaking some bones of this arama troll saying Siam Shade were a typical average 90s band and every of their songs sounds the same D:  yeah sure..if you are deaf and have no idea of music and the variety of melodies and daita's guitar solos you fail. While Daita's guitar solos are the musical elements I always love the most in every

Montag, 13. September 2010

considering fandoms this is the jackpot fall..

Okay lets put it clean again

10/20 Kanjani album + movie (136€)
10/27 DETROX DVD (43€)
10/27 Siam Shade tribute album (23€)
10/27 Siam shade best of live album (30€)
11/10 Camino mini-album (14€)

So actually...all of my favourite bands (or related) release something XDD

just if I consider buying it all this would be fucking expensive..okay let me just calculate...246€ ..and kanjani with all editions would be more than 50% of everything...there you see the greedy johnny economy. Well the siam shade best of is only the greedy SME records/amuse. well the tribute no idea...XDD greedy sony too...and detrox is greedy hideki lool
but from all stuff the bold one is the one I am looking forward to the most right now just because Its the first live dvd after 8 years. Of course also looking forward to eito but know after getting so many awesome news I wasnt that surprised by eitos album and movie anymore.
Don't know who to blame.

Anyway my mum goes on my nerves. I dont know why she doesnt get that I am not in the mood to have any contact to her when I am at home in the week. I mean I am sorry yes and maybe it's selfish but the less time I have left for myself before going to bed for 5-6 hours..which tends to 6 now again..I want to have for myself.cause when I am tired I am quite agressive and mean...she knows that and even that being the case she continues D: tomorrow even less time left for me cause I have a dentist date at 6pm..hurra. Hmm that might be life.  Having this pointed out, good night

Oh なんでもない

Nothing interesting to write about..just feel like writing.
Jobschool sucks. it sucks because it's long like hell every day and it feels like, as if I am already going there for a month but in reality I just managed 8 of 18 days for this phase so far. Annoying...I think i will whine everytime I have it XDD
and then, when I have work I will whine about my weird workmates

Btw..I couldnt enjoy this weekend cause I had a cold..hmm still have it kind of XD
Furthermore...I just read today that there will be a new eito album + movie...that was an epic fail as fan XD

My day consisted of sleeping, playing a lot there lol.
Hmm and I contintued downloading some animes for working phase.

need to get up in 4 hours again...hmmpf...

Apart from that...hmm nothing really going on..sorry o.o
Sleeping time.

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

3 auf einen streich...

Somehow I was happy to read it right now but at the same time it pisses me off...
why they addition to the detrox dvd and the siam shade tribute ...
a siam shade shade XII~the best live collection~ album ALSO  on the 27th October?

If it's not for money reasons what else is it for?
I can  imagine the pattern of this album too...instead of putting material on the cd no one knows they will make plain live audio rips of v4,v6, v7 and v8 and then sell it. thats what I am expecting from them. not from the band itself of course. as if they decide to release an album like this.
If they can and really want to make something awesome they should release the 2007 concert audios on that cd. well...waiting for the tracklist..expecting nothing special and no miracle.

and now getting ready for a further schoolday again....

Montag, 6. September 2010

Can't sleep...noooez

Have to get up in 2 hours. D:
It's only the fault of my animexx chat friend friends that I am not tired at all coz yesterday they kept me awake till 5am so I ended up sleeping till 4pm and this naturally leads to the point that I can't sleep now.

When I tried to fall asleep I was thinking about...that it already feels like at least 4 weeks since my last day at work. But truth is, it's not even one week yet. Last week at that time I was sleeping and preparing for my last work day for the first phase.
So it's also just one week ago since I saw my "lover" but it really feels like...ages.
Thinking that I need to go to school for another 3 weeks without being able to go to work and see him, frustrates me a lot. o.o It might just be a crush but I really miss it somehow...though technically speaking I can imagine on my first day he will have his week off. Or maybe he will be there and I will be hell surprised? ..Hmm..I shouldn't think about this stuff yet, it's too far away to catch. Should think about stupid school for 3 further weeks...well it's not that stupid but I hate going there by train everyday or well...I hate the fact that I have to go to school in general for such a long period. Good for me that I only have 7 school weeks left this is work. D:

Ah I am such a sad sad being..not even able to write about anything else than work etc. But I have nothing left ongoing..since I already wrote the good things in the other entry, and actually there is not that much left I need to write about in general. Usually I only write about the things which affect me the most in positive and negative view. zzZ
So now I can decide if I try to sleep for 1 3/4 hours or if I do boring stuff on here...hmm I feel cold..:/

Sonntag, 5. September 2010



Release date for detrox dvd is out!
And siam shade tribute release date is also out!!
Both 27th October....yeeeeeees!! So looking forward to it XDD
To the DVD more though <3
This means fangirling wihich will drive me over the edge :DDDD

and oh...anything no...found my best friend from elementary school today on some social site..and was like "WTF FINALLY!"
Wrote a short message to her right away if she still remembers me.

Need to get up early tomorrow again..latest 5am...dude..I hate it. Want to go to work again. That's only half as stressful :(