Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

it hurts

God god god...those comments are really the most annoying thing I have read in a long time.
There are so many naive ones and then totally stupid conclusions which are just..absurd?

There you totally see those generations gaps in fandom. my favourites are:
" he look half dead in this photo though." He looks like always just concentrating on something in his direction? o_O

I don't even know why so many of them feel disappointed or sad? XD There was never a person disappointed when I was smoking it was rather normal to smoke in my clique? If you don't it wasn't bad either but no one cared for it. It's like part of your life like drinking a daily cup of coffee.  Or are we bad friends for not telling us that its bad for our health and that we are so disappointed about each other o-O
What is the big deal then when a totally foreign person to you is smoking? You don't know like nothing about those people. You might know trivial infos but you never have a clue about his real thoughts, personality etc.

Thinking about that, If I had the chance to be a Johnny (after a gender change) I can definitely say, I wouldn't do it. Seriously, you totally throw away your private life. You give all infos away to satisfy little horny teens (or some peter pan-syndrom-fans) who dream of marrying you, or well if they realize that this is not possible they hope that you are at least gay and don't do stuff like having sex with foreign women you got to know in a club. As its a normal behaviour in Japan anyway to have Sex without love and that without any gross and perverted thoughts, what does it matter.

I want to see you being a JOHNNY and trying to find a person which really loves you and not only your PUBLIC FACE, look and your money. And if you have so much luck, try to avoid that fangirls will find out about you so that they will totally destroy everything again. Anyway good that we are getting all older its also getting easier to get engaged without fan-terror. @.@

Yes, gross. And I probably would have exploded and deleted the entry in total if the comments would be the same like in that com. Too disgusting.  Yes People like that are disgusting to me.
And if you wonder why...just think about how stupid it even is to write like 10x more comments about a person which smokes on a pic than about the blog entries he writes.  It's funny what people care for and find important about people.

Isn't it great to start 2010 with such an entry? For me it is. XD

Personal smoking facts:
Okay I give in..the last days I smoked from time to time in secret. I am not strong enough to deal with all the shit which happened in the last weeks, months, years. It's chasing me.  Escaping from your own deep-black-soaked shadow is not easy. It's all like...I seriously hope I can finally get the strength to get rid of that old shadow..and get a new one this year.