Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

How to lure, what bait to use?

Well sometimes I was already called PRO-lurer in Perfect World as I was a Werefox that was my main task.
Now I need to try to use my knowledge about luring for another virtual method.

So I am wondering what is the best way to do.
Usually I always sent my monster and try to lure...well sometimes I failed with the result I had to resent the pet to the monster again.
Or sometimes I had the problem that I was luring wrong and got them all.
Anyway if the monster was alone, it was okay to go to it and attack it but in my other case this might not work.
So I think it might be the best method to just try to lure it as often as I can until it comes by itself and attacking me.
I just need to try as often as I can...hmm...

Well you probably don't get what I mean, but it's good this way XDD

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Hangin' out just to be your clown

PS: I think I wouldn't write the entry if twitter was working XD