Freitag, 29. Januar 2010

Day 02 - Your favorite movie

Oh honestly I think I don't really have something like a favourite movie..but if so..I think it's an anime movie..
I have seen this well about 100times since I was a kid I think. My mum recorded it on vhs back then in 1994 and I watched it so often till I couldn't watch it anymore..and then i loved it so much that my ex-boyfriend gave me the dvd as birthday present in 2006. XDD
Too bad it has not the japanese original not even the songs in japanese but in english with german translation..but well I know the japanese version so..its okay XD
I was so happy I had to watch it then again because I couldn't watch it anymore when the vhs was
I was crying when I watched it again..and actually I always get teary if I watch stupid I am..yes XD

What is it? Well it's from Osamu Tezuka  who also made Astro boy and what I am talking about?

ユニコ (The fantastic adventures of Unico) 


Yes call me a child but I really love it :(

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