Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010


Just some random short thoughts and infos

- I hate having a cold...damnit there is nothing worse than trying to sleep with the's like an instant kill. yes
- tuesday is hairdresser. yay! actually it sucks because tuesday is the only day of the week when the dentist has opened for the whole afternoon :/
- next thursday ..interview again. This time I hope I will be able to get there >_< thats why I need nice hair and hopefully also health :D :D
- New Kanjani dvd...yaaaaaay just the half of february is over and there already were so many kanjani related news it's amazing! X3
- Sushis router died...which means I am poupeessitter..yay! :D well actually I decided to be it by <__>
- Baba is a liar! but yeah..lets not tell anyone xD
- Today I talked to hachan again <333 we realized that the concert dvd release of her favourite band (L'arc) and my favourite band which is alive (K8) is on the same day XDDD So now we already wondered: "Who of both will top the charts then??? No matter what happens, no matter who will win, lets stay"
- I wont continue the meme today
- I actually finished the maru entry of today..technically..but one sentence is so bothersome and I dont really feel like doing that much mental stuff right now otherwise I will explode. 8D well lets see how I feel tomorrow

Do you have any last words?
Yeah of course...Sumo Ryo here he cooooooooomes!
Carla:  I hope we can get a glimpse of his naked buttocks!XDD *giggles* Or maybe better not^^'

:D :D :D