Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

27 February 2010 @ 08:09 pm

f you ever thought fandom life is fun all the time, you are wrong. And no I am not talking about people. I talk about media related stuff, like just imagining what ryorelated stuff I need to finish it makes me uwaaah~

[info]ryo_watch  related:
※ updating performance collection
※ updating audio collection
※ updating jweb directoy
※ completing the subbed magazine index

forgot anything?  I mean one is forcing me to do so..but if I don't do it, I feel incomplete :(

and then several stuff I started translating but didn't finish yet...yes I am such a person who starts a lot of stuff when she doesn't feel like doing the other stuff but this ends like...nowhere
※ finishing subbing the onigishi perf (99%) ->was the last thing of all I started XD
※ finishing the SaitoxRyo interview (roughly 90%)
※ finishing translating Brulee
※ finishing translating BJ
※ typing the detrox meruma hideki message (technically also translating but I feel like not capable for it now..last week's one as well :/)
Random info is random: My gum where the wisdom tooth comes out hurts when I touch it with my tongue :( Well maybe thats a normal process.  At any rate I need to visit the dentist next week so I will ask her if the tooth will come out straight or not. I mean I can already feel the bone of the tooth because it came already a little bit up to the surface but this doesn't mean anything.
All I can remember is, that many years ago my special dental braces dentist discovered that I have 2 wisdom teeth. One of them already came out straight years ago but I think i can remember that the other one wasn't I am unsure :(
Well fact is..I am not suffering right now but still I hate my teeth blahblah..annoying issue for my whole life I think >__<

so now..what to update first?