Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Und so sprach ICH

I know it's neither Yasu's fault nor it's Junjis fault  but the fault of the fucked up Siam Shade and Janne da arc fans who always liked to compare both bands with each other.
And that's probably the reason why I have a grudge on Yasu for "stealing" Junji. Well it's not really grudge it's rather like...oh yeah don't know  fact is I never liked Yasu's voice anyway.
Hell yeah I could join those SS vs JdA battles a butthurt fan.  XDD

Well in reality I am probably just pissed off that all Siam Shade members prefer doing units with guys from other bands but not with themself D:
But I also have the feeling that they just wouldn't want to do it because sticking together 2 or 3 members again means that all fans expect it to sound like Siam Shade. But in the end everyone knows it's not Siam Shade so even if they did  such a thing everyone would still complain and whine coz it's not the real thing.
No matter how you turn it, it's fucked up. At the same time I can't stand the whining at mixi any longer. Those diferect and indirect comments in Hideki's blog. Things like: "Today I listened Siam Shade the whole day~" or "After all Siam Shade are my favourite band" especially second one made me really mad. It was just yesterday I think. Hideki said that he put someone new on the website which was a preview of a new song and then they such stuff. Really. If you think Japanese don't say what they honestly think, you are wrong. Sometimes they are so clumsy it's dreadful.
I mean it's one thing to think that the music "he" makes now is nothing compared to what it was before but this is no respectful behaviour at all. It's egoistic and inappropriated. It made my heart really hurt.  I mean what the hell do you want to tell that person? It's all own egoistic shit. Just trying to put yourself in an artist shoes...reading things like "Oh I liked your previous band more." It would make me personally frustrated. I give my best because music is my life and then I get such a feedback. oO Especially if you are a fan of a certain artist you should know the way he acts like. In Hideki's case it's probably like...he will just work harder and harder and then reaches the rock bottom for a moment and then stands up again...but even so....

Fans are cruel sometimes.
I think that's why artists sometimes have to make the decision..if they do music just for themself or for the fans. But then again..if you just do music for yourself...hmm doesn't work out I think. Why would you want to do music. After all you want others to listen to it....finding the happy medium is tough. At least in this case I can say: It's 100% not a money reason and this makes me always happy.

It's always like this..always...why it's always the fans who frustrate me. Well in most cases it's just annoying..but those other cases are just painful.