Freitag, 30. Juli 2010


For some reason I am far away from being ready for moving in my "flat" (well you can call it flat just with the fact that I share the kitchen but yeah XD)
I am bad at organizing such in the end I didn't put together all things yet I want to take along...I guess a normal human being would be at least that organized to write down everything he/she wants to take along one a piece of paper but not even this I
But I guess in the end I will manage's like the cosplay most of the cosplayers just feel well when they finish their cosplay on last minute I feel good to put everythign together in the last minute..and then..I still don't feel like being able to pack everything together D:
It's like...a feeling that you still need it anyway so you can't put it anywhere. The truth is

But know today I had my theory "exam" for my driver license and I pwnd it with 0 mistakes buahahaha~ really happy XD no additional 42euro~ that's good. Wanted to write a sms to my big brother  because my mum thought he would be happy if I told him about it. But in the end I didn't do it yet.  And aah..didn't dyed my hair yet either. So I will do it I guess I will do everything my room included...aah I think I will really miss this place...XD

aaah time to start cleaning...

edit: since I wrote this entry without publishing it already 4 hours ago..I managed a little bit more of my packing :O