Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

今もこみ上げるのは 涙という名の愛しさ

I am so used to that voice..for some reason it feels imagine..
how I would think of this voice if I had another chance to hear it for the first time again.
That's because...I can't imagine what I thought in particular when I heard it for the first time.
I don't remember the moment either.
It seems so important to me right now..what I thought back then..coz I don't have the chance to experience it again.

It's like when you fall in are excited..get to know this person more and more..different sides..but then you get used to it..think like you know everything. The love doesn't vanish but it feels like..there is nothing left anymore which surprises you. It's know how the person will react in certain situations...but you are fine with can't change it..but it doesn't bother you..coz you love the person the way he/she is.

Yes in fact, I have a serious and long very well going relationship with Hideki's voice. That's the point. lol
Actually I intended to stay serious and shut up about it..but it just sounds too I couldn't. XD

This thoughts just came up when I listened to tomo yo. It felt like..well..a simple song with so much meaning and emotion inside. It made me think about some that's actually the only song which is totally different..the pitch of his voice is sounds gentler but also rougher..and deeper.
Oh well interesting what thoughts can come to my mind just by listening to one song.