Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2005

Not there where i should be O.o

now i am here alone in the dark ._.
with my yuna who is now changing her bh *¬*
and it looks *_________*
it is fitting >D
mmmh what could i say o.o
öhm.. i am missing my scissorhandu ;_______;
so much T^T
luv ya |D~ *kisu* ó.ò
and i want ossi chocolate ò_ó
gimme more >_< or peter *-*
Peter is like chocolate just in yellow form X3
but i like yellow shoki o,o
want more of them *______*
hmm i guess i will make a new background picture when i am at home O.o
This poor yomi must go away muhahahha >.<
want to have a cute kawaii guy here *_*
with stars on his ass xD~
muuh i should go to bed O.o
but i don`t want to hmm
will have a fat big party now ò__ó\m/
see ya ! @¬@