Sonntag, 28. März 2010



Driven so much  in the corner by the darkness that I want to die
Wanting to search for the light so hard that I die

How can he write such stuff....:(  but  it's my favourite track on DETIV..definitely..the only calm song at any rate XD though I think the last "FLASHBACK" scream was unnecessary...but yeah...a little bit metal in every song..or what xD

but it's a beautiful song <3

And then..thats the way I look like when I am not listening to jpop ->

lol :X

Didn't listen to the sakura girl single yet but yeah..maybe tomorrow :O
ah almost 5am..I am tired..but at the same time i want to drink  a coffee and chill  a little bit longer...;Ö;
What to do? probably XDD

I had no detrox tag? I wonder why..don't I respect K-A-Z? XDD