Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

It's cold

..but sometimes I also have to let fresh air into my room.
It's probably just extremely cold because this idiot downstairs has opened the window too.
Feeling such fresh cold air on my skin...doesn't feel nice though..

Since I have started reading and watching a particular type of series again...I don't know why...but it makes me feel frustrated afterwards.
Actually, you should enjoy it...but somehow it has a totally different effect on me.
It's not like that I wonder if I go the right path in my life..or such's rather like..there is just one thing missing the whole world desires for anyway. But even so in my life it doesn't exist. It's not really frustrating me like that coz I wouldn't have time for a lover anyway but in all these series and blah..they always make it look like as if it was the ultimate...It's good enough for me to follow those fairytales but also those stories come to an end and then I don't have anything left except starting to read something new..while in my real world there is not even something similar to that. o__o
This makes me wonder if I had such an own fairy tale in RL I would stop reading other fairy tales. It's like an addiction..after finishing something you feel so empty you can't bear that it's over so you have to pick the next one.
Well well don't bother with that's just stupid nonsense I am writing at 7am.

I think I am going to sleep now o.o