Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Here we go~

Christmas presents of do00000m!!
Well not really but is something...XD

Let's start with the kick-someone's-ass-boots I got from my mum.
Well technically speaking in the picture they look like boots for a guy..whahaha
And only I know who I want to see in those :O!

And of course.....because life is hard and my family likes to support my job and all..I got 3 fat books...
wuaah..but you know my teachers said the Pschyrembel is useful and all and we should buy it...good thing that my sister bought it for me..
though I am not sure if the therapeutical one will be useful to me xDD

And my brother was so kind to buy another one for me too..(by the way no I never told anyone I want all these books o.o)

And because my brother is so said "and oh as a little xmas present as well...I thought about this...I dont know what music you listen to recently but well..anyway it's just something small" prepared...->

Welcome back Gacchan :O!  It's alright I don't collect Gackt stuff since 2004 but looks good next to my crescent album and all ..LOL

And then I also got a cute key pendant for my future car by my stepsis...just for the's fucking heavy!!!

and of course as expected some christmas

and cause it's a never ending story..although I already started to show you the

a bingo ticket by my mum...but don't worry I didn't win anything :(

Socks you know how I love my this gives me a norwegian oldschool feeling xD

and interesting jacket which is a sweater at the same time o.o I am a fan of such black indoor jackets..I have tons of them xD

and then I also..unexpected...but oh..I got xmas cards!!!!!

One by  [info]silberblut and one by [info]nitrosss ! Amazing! :D

and nitrosss' one...->

I was really touched and surprised when I got those 2 o.o
It makes me feel..not so forgotten xD

and then..My cellphone reached my place as well.
Surprisingly I have the same cellphone like my brother LOOOOL Was really shocked that he has the same only in black...
after all we were born on the same day so maybe our tastes are alike xD

And yes just shut up but I am in love with Buck-Tick and Sakurai Atsushi lately!! But I think people who follow me already noticed that on facebook XDDD

So because of that I also decided that this performance will be my favourite of 2010...seriously...I can't stop watching it because the live version of the song is so awesome..and not speaking of the fanservice with that guitar guy who looks like he's close to an orgasm having Sakurai so close to himself xDDDD