Sonntag, 2. Juli 2006


hmm anyhow...i am really bored now o.o"
and i miss ha-chan so much ;______; wherever you are ha-chan ;Ö; please come back as soon as possible ;Ö; *hugs* saturday i will be one year older than now....18 ugly years i live on the earth now and haven't enjoyed it so far xD no....just a joke! *shinnosuke like is* <3 i look forward to this day ^______^ dunno what changed my mind because one hour ago i thought i will hate it T_______T  in fact...i hate my own birthdays ...i hate to get presents and i hate it to be centre of attention -_- ..fortunately my brother is coming on friday so we can celebrate our birthday together on saturday *___* i really love my brother ;____________; but he's getting so old oô ...31...well *cough* but he's still good-looking and single. is anybody interested? XD yeah it's time to find a suitable partner for him. it does't matter whether it's a male or female person becuase i dunno his sexual tendence o.ô whatever! XD

mmmh i am eating ice-cream with selmade strawberrys from our garden *________* they are so delicious ;______;


and i look that way now LOL

well well i should go to bed now xD"
although i guess not o.O |D

Hörnchen's Entertainment presents...

THE CHINESE VERSION OF Last ketchup's song Aserejé
this time it's a version of the taiwanese disbanded boyband Comic Boyz :D