Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

A Week in the Life of Doci, Volume 2 - Saturday

Apart from other people I had to work yesterday (Saturday) and also have to work
my day was kinda boring in pictures and I also forgot to take my digicam to my workplace coz I wanted to take a pic of my locker xD
Well I will try not to forget it today...
so what I did is...

Got up at 5.20am..actually I only slept 1 1/2 hours or something but then my radio alarm clock turned on...well it didn't really woke me up..until the song on that radio channel was over and some polish people started talking..all of a sudden I opened my eyes and was like "WTF NOT AGAIN A POLISH CHANNEL!" Well if you search for radio channels you usually don't know if it's a german or polish one when the songs are famous ones...but waking up with some polish people talking you don't understand at all is a that's it.
Drank a coffee in my bed and went to work with my collegue who has her room next to mine...well we don't work in the same building but since we have the same way and the same shift we went together there at 6am.
Today our cat at work the first thing I did was cleaning that..coz my other collegues were disgusted by that and almost vomitted themself next to it with the thought they had to clean it...lmao
It's funny coz they are handling with fecals every day but can't wipe off puke. XD
Okay after work was over at 3.15pm I went to NETTO (discounter supermarket) to buy some important food...yeah

What you call important..not really...but I had to buy bread, milk for my coffee, my favourite meat of 2010 (the krustenbraten!!) and..well anything else is wasted stuff I only enjoy eating to get fat Haha xDD oh and something to drink..but well..

Then I went to bed at 5pm coz I was so tired (before I noticed how long my finger and toe nails I cut them)..Woke up again at 10pm

Ate some bread with my top meat of 2010 XD

while watching DSDS (like the german version of american idol)

 with Patrick Nuo..mmmh..XD nice stripes with digicam lol

also went out in front of my house door several times to smoke a cigarette

and oh today at work I hurt was bleeding a lot!! D: well that's a lie..but it hurt a lot xD

Anyway....boring day isn't it? So now I will maybe watch 1 or 2 episodes of Code Geass and then sleep for 3 more hours coz sunday means..early shift as well dumdumdum XD