Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

09 Mai 2010 @ 07:53

"4Minute is another example of how tough it is to debut in Japan."

This makes me kind of remember...when Siam Shade wanted to release one of their albums in korea they had to record it in english before because japanese was forbidden in korea。Yes..Southkorea. Unfortunately I don't know yet why it was forbidden in Southkorea to release japanese music. Oh okay now i know ->

Japan's popular culture, including Japanese-language theater performances, television and radio broadcasts, publications, and pop music, had been prohibited since 1945. This ban was no doubt triggered by the Korean people's strong feelings about the Japanese-language education that was forced on them in the years of Japanese colonial rule over their country. But in recent decades Japanese culture has seeped in to the general public through such media as satellite broadcasting and the Internet. Though not officially approved, large amounts of Japan's cultural products have already entered South Korea and have become a familiar part of many people's lives.

Which other question pops up on  my mind is. Why do Korean artists release their stuff in Japan. It's not like I think "oohoo fuck off!" it's rather like, I think it's a lot easier for Korean to learn English. Yes they are probably a lot better in that and still they prefer learning Japanese (more or less) and release stuff in Japan instead of releasing stuff international right away. I mean technically japan's music industry is just a small shark.
Anyway because of the earlier mentioned reason I think it's somehow' Japan's  right to make it a little bit harder for korean to have success..but then again..I think the korean artists punish themself by doing it in the same way they somehow forced japanese artists to release their stuff in Korea. xD Na not serious talk...

It seems like Japan likes Taiwan most of all asian countries...and then i think it's Southkorea by now..
But then again I wonder what's up with all those bitching in Asia. They should get themself a cookie.
I mean if I see the results which countries Japanese people like the most it's like
30% Taiwan     23% America     20% others 17% Germany   5% Australia  and 4% England
However that's only a poll from 2009 with about 500 votes. So not really convincing but.,well.

Anyway living in our lovely Europe makes us all buddies..but yeah there were also different times, right. XD