Sonntag, 21. August 2011

what a rant

While others go outside to enjoy themself I am just sitting here and watch Animes recently.
Well honestly speaking...even if I have tons of chances to go outside to clubs etc..I don't want to.
The only people who would be able to successfully get me into such clubs would probably be my other people. But maybe it's no use...maybe clinging to them although I couldn't do anything with them in the last 2 years is bullshit..but idk my view on this world is too's not only music...i know going to a club etc means dancing..but I hate  it's stupid..I would only drink dozen of alcohol...
well usually people go also clubbing to meet up with people...get to know new people..enjoy themself...but having a big party with tons of foreign people is kinda...not attractive for me v_V

I thought of changing myself..but I am not really  able to do so...I am not able to leave everythingg behind to become a normal boring person who enjoys her life with mainstream shit...I have the strong belief that there is MORE than just this life...I want to experience something exciting and not something which I hate and won't make me enjoy myself...
Oh Well..