Sonntag, 4. Juni 2006

Japan vs. Malta (1:0)

Hurra...they won again ^__________^b
and The Emperor also known as The Kaiser xDD Tamada-sama shot the goal *O*
oooh love him so much <333333
*fangirlish* xD
hmm the german reports say that japan played really awful but....i know it was my fault because i couldn't cheer them they played taht bad! XD
yeah i am their mascot  V*~*V

I am wondering when GTO is ready >______<"
want to see llittle shun-san <3

but i already like the theme song of gto from main role guy takashi sorimachi *O*

Takashi Sorimachi - POISON

so i guess this dorama will be a good one.

my cousin fell in love with kurosagi. o,o and me too ...anyhow it let me reminds of Ocean's eleven ...dunno why xD