Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

What if...

I wonder what would happen if I start to hate someday what I love right now. I seriously think about it.
What I mean's like when you have a relationship with someone for so many years and then you break up, what is this..such waste of time.
But if you look closely at it, anything can be a waste of time. I never want come to the point in my life...oh wait it already happened. Things like "why did I like (to do) that" such moments are nothing new..but I never want to face a certain event which totally changes my likes. In case it happens, well you can't do anything about it I guess. But when I think about it now, it feels like I would have totally wasted time and I guess I would regret it. Oh thoughts get weirder with every day.
I also wonder where are all the night owls went to I used to chat with the whole night. I don't even remember with whom I chatted with so many nights within the last 5 years.
Hachan went to bad early, but somehow I can remember it was not only her I talked all night with. Things changed without  noticing. It seems like I am the only person who is the same forever. Maybe it wouldn't be bad if I would change a little bit too.

Tomorrow I will tramp through the snow together with my mum to help her with her work. Not looking forward to it...but doing something helpful like that form time to time is also refreshing.
Nothing more to say for now. o.o
There is a gross movie on tv which I don't get. lol