Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

Darling my rain~~

Tonight I was very productive o___o maybe too productive xDDD

but I will promise not to spam today anymore! (just tomorrow maybe XDDDDD)

First was passion of of the RAWest performance...makes me rawr too XD My favourite part of the song is the TUNA thing.
Makes me glad, seems like many men (like hideki) are frustrated by the fact that japanese women are not full of passion in bed but ..tunas....XD but aaw <3

Second was...well I already translated the lyrics some time ago so it worked out quickly. I love the part when he sings the second time "ピエロが廻る" so beautiful <3333

And then..Moon of v8....ahaha...I know 2 years ago when I was very depressed I was listening to this song so much that I even decided to make a simple moon icon in
but I still love the "you are the sun, I am the moon" part. Well hideki never knew what he wanted, like it rough and then again romantic...a rough romance full of passion probably...lool for now..well he's an old man, but we don't care as he still the same as he was..just maybe with 1-2 wrinkles more which we don't see anyway because love makes blind. (and yes I am talking about my other hideki-fangirl friends XD)

But I found it funny tonight when hachan said: "I never knew that Hideki had such beautiful smooth skin Ö_____Ö"
probably because I've never seen Siam Shade performances in such a good quality XDD"