Montag, 17. Oktober 2005

ich wusste es schon immer *________*

You are 'Kizzy the Squirrel' Your a fun-loving pet,
you like to eat and intrude on picnics. Your
often hungry and love to try new foods and
drinks. You and your garbage raiding friends
are usually out late trying out the newest dog
treats, or hanging round the dump checking to
see if theres any left over scraps of food.
Other than your eating craze your a great pet!

Which Bubblegum Pet are you? (with cute pictures!)
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ich bin ein eichhörnchen *________*

Schoki o_o

Dark Chocolate
You are Dark Chocolate. Very mysterious. People
want to like you, but you scare them a little.

What Kind of Chocolate are You?
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ich hab wieder mal ein tolles quiz gemacht wie man sieht O_o
ja voll sexy -_- *tret*