Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2006

Soziales Leben...

In general i should work in social studies now but...anyhow the privacy is more interesting xD"
ooooh si! *abegeh* und das an nem schlepptop *tropf* XD
aber wen interessierts..
achja nochmal für alle. ich hab alle meine mp3s verloren aber hey das wichtigste ist schon wieder in sicht...ach scheiße ich bin von englisch in deutsch abgerutscht ohne es zu merken ;,;
today i got my grade for the german examination...hey it's 4+ xD~ *cough* i am not happy with that but shit happens..
hmm now i bestalk [info]shizahandu she looks like cute **.......wanna take ugly photos of this room but anyhow i guess the others would think i am very sick although...for sure..they already think so. XDD"
now shiza is using a pink marker and underlines something on a sheet of paper..very contrast to me xD"

woah my hair feels like kuhfett +.+ okay not really but it looks like that i guess...blame ugly Haircolor, which isn't what it was <.>
hmm this weekend i will have a party together with my friend suppe-chan <3 yeah luv suppe-chan *cough* xD~
and next weekend i will have a second party and suppe-chan will also be there XD
and of course...[info]hakkyou2 hurra!
i want to have sonme candy now...will pull a snickers out of the schokiautomat <3
yeah schoki makes fat but i don't care...there is nothing which would help anymore xDD
oh fucking god i should start social studies .-. in 10 minutes it is ringing again and i did ...2 sentences for it in the last half hour =_= awful i know but.._-_ ....2 houres later...

well art lesson is was a very interesting day today XD
took a few pictues hrr~ with shizahandu xD" okay...shizahandu took most of the pictures ^^"
here are the results o_oV

~~~~ Bilder results sind kaputt~~~ das passiert so nach 6 jahren..danke imageShack >_>