Samstag, 3. Juni 2006

STAND UP!! when you are down XD"

In general i should be in bed now because tomorrow will be a long long day....but as always i am too lazy to go. *drop*
actually there is nothing special happend yesterday but okay i slept long, watching dir en grey livestream for rock am ring and stupid other things.
indeed it was a boring day xD"
but i had the necessity to wite an entry *shrugs*

when watching rock am ring yesterday i had a few problems with the real i know again that this player really sucks....i missed circa 10 minutes of degs performance because the player didn't want to do what i want  >_________<"" it's really annoying <.<"
but in the end i managed it and felt very happy when seeing them *___*"
they look fucking good as always and i think this year the audience was more tolerant than last year. well they didn't move either..but i felt better....and i was really touched when the cam zoomed out and you could see the whole crowd. in that moment when i saw this crowd and heard kyo's voice ...i came near to tears...scary....because i am not usually that emotional. anyway...dir en grey did a good job although the crowd was very different from their normal one.
but i must say that i really think that dir en grey is not a festival band. dunno why...maybe a band for an japanese festival but as long as there is a non-japanese big crowd which isn't only interested in a japanese can't have the same feelings like on one-man concert...and for me it's quite impersonal so that i can say...i don't like festivals that much..

i am wondering why many dir en grey fans are thinking "omg kyo looked that weak. he will be fainted  backstage again...." yeah of  course he will...he always is -.-"" or   "oooh his blood was real." vs. "no it's fake!!!" 
no..i can't hear it really sucks...but still i visit this forum Oo; i must be sick xD"

hmm next topic XD"
today i had a quite good dorama day...okay anyhow it wasn't that good...there were always eggs so i wanted to eat eggs!!!!!!!! and i did it! XDDD

tomorrow i am going to visit my cousin again because it's my uncle's birthday and we want to go bowling oO with me!! Y___Y"
hmm i like my family deep in my heart but we are  a strange family >_______< they are so annoying.... everyday they ask: " when does your boyfriend come???????"
it pisses me off D: and it's so embarrassing >_____> especially when they talk about it when there is a stranger >O< or they talk about pervert things >______>"""""
i mean i am pervert too. this i admit is true but.....i am not in publicity >______<
okay.....many >_________< smileys xDDD"  is getting later and later....hmm [info]hakkyou2 is still awake with me ...watching yaoi doujinshis i guess oO;;; however slowly i get tired =_______="

oh my looks like scat right now *drop* >___>
time to go to bed....*_________*

good night shun-san *kisses him* *Ö*