Montag, 3. Juli 2006


woah it is so hot +________+ now i am sitting in the computer cabinet (?) in school and sweat like a cow O.o" and yeah we have maths lesson now.  oooh my  teacher was so "cool" a few  seconds ago  o.O
he stood behind me and stared at the screen: wer chattet hier mit wem??? 
lol i am wasn't chatting o.O i am writing this entry *lol*
oooh my eyes are glubschy as usual +.+ i dunno why....hmm...this week i will have my bed for me alone o.O  *clap hands* it is great, isn't it? XD"
yeah i think so o.o" because my cousin is snnoring and needs the whole bed to sleep +.+" and yes she goes to bed so early...and i have to be quiet <-< 
aaaaaaaaah forever your love!!!!!!! aaah lol ...stop wondering <-< i am listening to a bad bad song now...hrrhrr~  well just a quarter hour until the lesson is finished...but then hmm social studies damn! but i will survive forever!!! ö.öV

im ürbrigen...mein mp3 player hat  ne zerkratzte oberfläche ;________;  traurig T^T schnüff >_>"