Dienstag, 4. Juli 2006

Französisch für Anfänger

Today our class went to neubrandenburg to watch "Französisch für Anfänger". anyhow i enjoyed it very much oO it was a teenie movie O_o and we didn't finished watching because our train came so early and we all wanted to watch the football game >O<
I mean the movie was really interesting ...totally...it was fun *LOL* although i didn't understand much of the french talking *cough* but really fun...lol...i can't imagine that we were teenies and that crazy and naughty with 15? oO aah i dunno...okay...in the past we liked to write more yaoi storys *rofl*
hmm although didin't finish watching we all could imagine how that kitschy movie will end! *faint* |D

but more fun than the movie was of course  our slandering about a classmate *___* she's so annoying <.< but okay...shizahandu and I really had fun with slandering about that little girl X_x ahahahaha~  we guessed that she went after the movie to the toilet and masturbated LOL because the film was not suitable for that girl....
ooh mum turned the Tv ..now and said: JETZT GEHTS LOS!!!
hmm .. i am so lazy to turn it on >D but i will do soon....in a few minutes...just to see the most important event in the world now! *LOL*

aaah where did i stop??? aah well....the little girl and the maturbation imagination rofl
when we went to the train shiza said : "Sie hat sich bestimmt einen aufm Klo runtergeholt.." I answered: oder..."Aaaahh meine schlüpper ist ganz nass. *said in  an erotic way* XD and after i said that we started to scream: IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!! i really don't know how i could say that....i am afraid o_O this imagination is really....aaaaah i am scared Q_Q and i disgust...yuuuck Q__________Q

okay i stop now...i must watch the football game ! XD
and NOOO i am not that pervert as it seems  <.<