Samstag, 15. Juli 2006

Yesterday i went plansching *___*

yesterday ocame and I went to Krugsdorf by bike. oh it was very stressful because ocame didn't go by bike for a few years xD but it was fun how he has struggled XD ...yep i am so schadenfroh >______>
....but the water was so cold...and it was very windy....big waves >O< nevertheless it was awesome |D when we were back in P-Town we went to LIDL because we want to buy somthing to drink o,O i am wondering WHY THERE IS NO ICED COFFEE in this damn fucking supermarket >O<  ...
when we arrived at home we died down to bed and fall asleep...crazy...always the same when came home from the lake. >__________<
well yeah that was our day xD

mmmh on sunday ocame is going to leave ;_________; i don't want that he leaves ;Ö; but he has to Q_Q
mmmmh at the same day suppe-chan is coming to P-TOwn for one week <333 so i am not alone...she must comfort me becuase of Ocame's absence T_______T
yeah i am really bemitleidenswert o_o los bemitleidet mich XDD

well...i am going to tidy up a bit ö.ö it looks like a thunderstorm was here X_X and sorry for my bad see ...summer holidays xD