Montag, 17. Juli 2006

No title

Are the holidays really that boring or am i the only one who has this feeling?? o,O

i really have the feeling that all users here are strangling  because of this boredom...there aren't many entries in the last days o_o
although....i should be reality i could do so much but nothing i am really interested in. xD

today i found out that i want to watch really many doramas O_O too much >_>
but at first i have to finish circle, kurosagi, summer snow, stand up!! and love contract and after that i want to watch *___________* :

+ Hana yori dango 2. season ....
+ Detektive Conan live action ...with shun as shinichi kudo *_* ...i hate the anime by the way xD
+ Let's get married  ... with Mikey *_* broadcasting will start next weekend *_______* i am so excited...hopefully i finished some other doramas until the beginning xD
+  express boy ... old dorama with mikey <3
+ Strawberry on the Shortcake  ...just because i heard that it should be good oO

well i guess this enough for now...i have to do something important xDD