Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2006

The one and only - KRA ;Ö;"

omg it''s late but i had to do something important to satisfy my addiction *~*
aaaaaaaw~ i've fallen in love with Itoshii hito aaaaaaaaw~ this song is so great Q_Q i love the live  version of Miyavi feat. Keiyuu from PSC TOUR  ;_;
it's so great damn....and keiyuus voice is so aaaaaw~ *________* i had to do some mp3 versions of this song and three other kra live psc tour songs <3

mmmh but now i know again.....i broke a promise...the promise to put up the wallpapers shiza did for our website aaaaaaaaw ;_________; i am so sorry~ ;Ö; i will do tomorrow for sure ;_;
but now i know it's too late for it and i will go to bed soon T_T
mmmh but here are the mp3s ...because i also wanted to share with the  [info]kra_fans community! :3 ...if you are not a member yet i will force you to join >O<V

aaah well i read kras major single is coming out in september +_____________+ i am so damn fucking excited <3 they changed their layout again *-* anyhow i love it o_o the green looks so friendly *__________* and it makes me happy anyhow O_o would it be better to be colorblind? :D i guess not >_>