Freitag, 28. Juli 2006

Hörnchen loves Schwarzfahren!

Hello~ i am back from life-without-internet  :D
yosh! the last week was great <3
the whole week i was with my suppe-chan ...we were together for 2 weeks O_o i think that's a long time but it didn't seem that long for me o_o
when going by car to her house in kunow (it's a little village near Schwedt/Oder | Brandenburg xD) her mum payed caramel aisukuremu for us for free *_* ooh i didn't think that caramel aisukuremu is that delicious O___O
suppe-chan's family was really nice *___* they also have so many pets O_o 2 puppy dogs <3 a kitten *-*, 2 rats <3 , fish and a little bunny O_o *counts* did i forget anything? o-o hmm i guess not...but i really loved the pets <3 hmmm i know isn't really interesting and i don't have any pictures o.o" but who cares that's my journal so shut up! D: XD

on tuesday we went to "wasabii" oh she lives in a dark room without any windows..okay there was one..but it was a little one... you know such a normal window as usual in cellars oô that night from tuesday to wednesday i didn't sleep very well T_T it was a double bed and we slept there with 3 people...and i slept in the middle in the gap O_o" it hurts a bit but i am still hurra!

on wednesday we had really and i mean really really really great breakfast *_________* wasabii did scambled eggs and i ate buns with peanut butter mmmh yummy *___* and of course i drank delicious cappuccino *_*
in the afternoon suppe-chan's mum went to wasabii's house and then we went to the videothek to borrow two jackie chan movies <3 aaaaaw~
so great *~* which we watched in the evening together with suppe-chans little sister and lukas  the brother of suppe-chan's stepbrother <3

thursday  was the best day of the week i guess...we went to berlin in the morning to fetch suppe-chan's cousin who really looks like a guy! but she was so nice *______* she always wears hiphop clothes and her haircut is more punky o_o" a bald head with a little stripe of millimeter hairs in the middle +.+ we went to so much cafés i can't imagine anymore but at first we went to the Neo tokyo....oh yeah....i was there the second time and i had a bad feeling again! the athmosphere in this shop is terryfying....these dark dark girls who are talking about dir en grey and gazette with the seller oh yeah really "interesting" yeah i mean why do they say "oooh the gazette concert is this weekend" but it is nothing new i guess. berlin's wiesel are awful we all know! XD
ah yeah well i bought vol.5 of Love mode and a debut manga calles "kiss" by eiki eiki oO; mmmh the second manga wasn't a good choice...i thought there is a little bit more yaoi but there wasn't T_T aaah yeah and i took the mucc flyer thing with me...i didn't want the 12012 one >_>""""

after this we took the subway....because we wanted to find a café to eat some aisukuremu *_* yupp we wanted to go to the arkaden one....mmhh but in the subway there were two guys who controlled us and ....we had to leave because stupid suppe-chan didn't write her name on the brandenburg ticket but the one of her grandma who was shopping by foot >O< ....-_- they grabbed our personal datas and gave us really nice bills with transverance things oO
but in general the day coulnd't be better because in the train when going to berlin we were controlled too and had to pay 3,50 € becuase the brandenburg ticket wasn't worth till 9 a.m and it was 8.30 a.m....yeha i know ...nice world -.- and it was the first time they controlled us at that time °_°

well well...after we were checked by this subway guys we went to the arkaden and bought aisukuremu >Ö< the day was really fucked up i thought but eating sushi in the end before going home by train in the evening saved the day <3
so i must make advertising for the asian restaurant thailand bla dunno how the reste is called...but it's located in berlin's central station and there works a really cute waiter , ha! XD you must go there !! nice personal!!!! and so on....

yesterday it was more realaxing at suppe-chan's
i slept very long and watched a little bit tv~
in teh evening i went to my uncle's flat <3 and now i am alone and getting hungry o_o"
tomorrow i will meet hildegard and maybe brunhilde eierkopf in GONDROM in the OC in Schwedt/Oder ...we want to eat ugly fast food in mcDoof. *-*
and the day after tomorrow i will go to berlin again to fetch my cousin at berlin's central station XD perhaps we will eat lunch again in the thai restaurant *___*"y