Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

19 January 2010 @ 10:37 am

Ach damnit..it makes me even sadder not to be on mixi now where I know that Hideki is there >___<
Why the hell everything which brings him kind of closer to me is CLOSED to me..really saddening.
I wouldn't want to do anything at mixi just that >__<

Where are my soulmates gone who are registered there, you know I was always nice to you and shared my ryo chinese bbs login with you!
But I think no one of my ryo fan soulmates are registered there? T__T tehehe...mad world~

Sometimes I really wish to have registered back then in 2007 when everyone was already into it but I was always thinking: What for? =__=

And today is also a Monday!

because every day is a monday! (and that's not my thesis XD)

Oh well..so I didn't spam you yesterday...oh well I think I worked hard enough the day before yesterday so that you can deal with that.
I think nothing happened on monday..it rather was quite senseless...the whole day I enjoyed sleeping...wwww
Oh Yes those wwwws are addicting...but I am far away from understanding the humour of some japanese...Hayato's probably the one I don't understand the humour of  at all...he hurt his leg..and  so he wrote: "痛い\(^o^)/"  What a weird guy...really..pain is joy? XD
And then I thought he's the only one dealing with politics..but Detrox' Mail mag of today told me something different. Seems like Hideki also finds it very important.  But they are both PRO OZAWA I think...Yes of course..because Ozawa is in the demecratic fraction. Good for both.
Anyway I don't like Ozawa's opinion towards religions. He either is a buddhist or a kissass..as he said while meeting the buddhist leader:

Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa said Tuesday that Christianity is an "exclusive and self-righteous religion" after meeting with a Buddhist group leader. "European and U.S. societies with a (historical) background of Christianity are bogged down," the ruling party's No. 2 leader told reporters after meeting Yukei Matsunaga, president of the Japan Buddhist Federation, in Wakayama Prefecture. On Islam, Ozawa said, "It is better than Christianity but it is also exclusive." and praised the buddhism. In my opinion, if you are politician you should use that power properly. I mean, I can probably say that there is at least one part of a religion I don't like, but I am not in such a position. That's why I am sometimes quite glad that I am not a believer, I guess if there weren't any religions there was at least on topic the mankind wouldn't argue about...but then again there are many different ones..like...
if Japanese are allowed to catch whales or not. In my opinion they are because why shouldn't they allowed to when the whole world is already killing all kinds of animals just to eat it.  There is no difference for me if they eat pork, beef, chicken or fish. It's all the survival of the fittest. That doesn't mean I support all those bad things which are done to all kinds of animals just so that I can eat that meat. If I see such facilities how the animals are treated..it also makes me sad...I don't think it's bad to eat meat..since in the wild nature they also do it...on the other hand, it wouldn't be bad if the mankind would eat lesser of it. Seriously they kill more animals than they need. We don't need to become vegetarian but the amount of meat is just too much...I  think that we eat more meat than vegetable...how sad.

Okay now to something less serious...well Siam Shade are a serious topic for me all the time...but a more easy-going topic
Aah...such good times..really...it's like memories which will always feel recent.
Well..I think men in leather clothes are old-fashioned by now...but then...If I see my men like that...it's totally modern.
Maybe it's stupid but..I think there is no hotter clothes than leather for Hideki...and of course fine rib clothes is awesome too..like on Natin in here. XD Anyway I like the song a lot...but the english parts...well some parts in this song made it maybe a little bit weird..
well...its created in Hideki's world after all. I guess there was no Tim at that time he could ask XDD
Not to forget..Daita's beautiful hands and guitar <3 anyhow I like the second verse the most..Kazuma's voice is fitting so well for it.