Freitag, 22. Januar 2010


being the only hardcore siam shade fan in germany is very relaxing.
Fandom is relaxing too. So far I have never met any dumb fan which made me go "omg..go away please" XD
I think its also a quite matured fandom even though the fans are mostly in my age. Probably like that because the talks are rather focused on the music and it would be kind of weird to talk about 30+ men with "-chan" and "cute" and I don't know..though I have seen that japanese fans are still like
Of course you could argue with its a rather dead fandom and there is no fanservice and blahblah...but I don't really care, as long as I am focused on them my mood is always quite good and not characterized by entries like the one I wrote before.
And the subbing vids are rather for my own enjoyment and not for others because I know its frustrating to do things for others and then they kick you with their feet. No no I think I should give this up. If I do something I will make at least sure that I do it for my own purpose in the very first place. 

And I am loling right now...already 2 entries of the latest jweb? Stop joking with me. It's like with the original entries. I won't believe that they will continue doing it for more than a few weeks. Do it 5 times or whatever. Trying to find out who makes the best translation or what. There is so many stuff which was never translated and they have nothing better do to than this. I wonder what they are thinking. o.o
And dare to stop doing it. For me translating a jweb is a on-going work you do over a long time. For me it's connected with responsibility.
You know I felt always shitty when I couldn't post a translation of the latest jweb because it's like you make people waiting for a long time.
There was no egoistic thought at all in that. And then I wonder...who will do the translations again when they dont feel like doing it anymore.
Me? Am I good enough to do things when no one feels like doing it, huh? Bad joke

I am proud of my buranko translation <333

Could this bitch ask me at least?

It's not like I have fun doing all this directory and everyone knows that I am doing it every week.
So why the fuck does she keep  posting her holy shit although she knows that it is a fucking mess if I add it to the list anyway.
Seriously bitch =__= If she wants to she can also do the other shit from now on. (I don't believe she would do it because on longtime it's a lot work) But fine, do whatever you like, I don't care. Because of her  I don't even read the jwebs anymore and I don't really care whats written in there either. I think I will just copy the origional to my "place". *yawns*
Ah really imagine you are a mod of a com and do it every week for already one year and then a stupid blaah comes in the com and post the entries without even asking me and not even posting in the style. Even the title is different. God no..burn please burn =_= Even I wouldn't do that if I know another person who does it. That's something which I call respect huh? o_O

No I need bread..bread..bread...and then..I don't know..probably nothing. same day, same boredom, same problems, same hunger, and today is a monday...tzee