Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Inquisitiveness syndrome?? It seems so

- had enough interesting ryo talk today with [info]calpis37  lool yes I am healed again...I don't know if it's in a positive or negative direction though. lol lol I think it's a mix of both..XDD
- watched latest Kanpani and was glad Ryo was beaten a lot..haha yes malicious pleasure is the best. But I felt sorry for Maru ;_; He looked so confused after that guy kicked him in his ass D: Poor Maru baby *hugs*
- watched first episode of yamanade..mahmah..highlight was probably Uchi and Tegoshi disguised after all. Oh they are so beautiful..yes if I had a peen I would do them ;D oeh yeah..that's it probably, didn't do more interesting stuff. What a sad life :O

I think I will stop subbing for a while and concentrate on kanji writing :( like that I will never be a pro...*sighs* so i have to be more strict to myself. Well at least I am patient when it comes to mixi haha. Well there is nothing I can do about it but Calpis ❤❤❤

"What did he do? Then what happened?"
Again digging up info like that It's not of your business,
what other people do – inquisitiveness syndrome
Sinking your teeth into gossip shows,
it's you who's been doing things much worse, isn't it?
Yup, isn't the spirit of curiosity an annoying emotion?

but reading this lyrics Kazuma wrote makes me feel shitty :/ He always writes such nice lyrics and not just about tiredsome LOVE blahblah like which is the maintopic of the whole world's music. Bothersome. .
That's awesome and somehow I think he's so right. End of talk.

Just today it seems my tummy pain is coming all back to no I won't let it win against me..tze
And I think I will also give something else up. It's seriously not worth it o_o
But then again..I might lose something precious to me too :(

kazuma the pimp forever~

The most passionate fake bassist approves that livejournal is working again. YAY!

Wenn ich irgendwann bei JLPT1 angekommen bin sag ich euch bescheid! So in 20 jahren!
Ja ich weiß zwar nicht grad was ich hier grad für Kanji schreiben übe..also was die fürn level haben aber vllt sollt ich doch erstmal ne Chronologie nach Level anstreben. XDDD

Anyway I noticed I know too less about my environment. I don't really know what my stepsis has but she resigned from her job for health reasons. It's not physical thing but still I wonder..and doesn't really tell about it..hmm