Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Day 4, 5 and 6

Day 04 - Your favorite book.
It would be a lie to mention any book because it's a fact that I am not really the reader type.  I know there are tons of books out there and I probably read already many in my life...forced and also unforced ones..well the unforced ones are not that many I think. But I never read any book which I could say from: "Ooh that one was really so nice I read it XY times!" So..I am sorry XD Maybe call me dumb...yes..Usually it's that what people think of people who don't really read books. XD But I don't really read fanfics anymore either..so the meme day when it comes to that will be a sad day too LOL

Day 05 - Your favorite quote.

It's not like that I read quote websites or that there are quotes which had such a big impact on me that I always can remember them. Well there is only one quote which I realized in the last weeks..where I thought: "oh this is so true..." Never really thought about what a miracle it is...but it's actually just a line of a Siam Shade song. 
同じ瞬間(とき)を時代を過ごせる奇跡に 少しだけ気付いてくれJust realize a little bit what a miracle it is that we can live in the same time and epoque
That's really a miracle I think..isn't it. I mean think of that..if we were born at another time we probably never met..not like that we would be sad about that because we wouldn't know about each other but thinking about it now..it would be sad I think. :/

Day 06 - Whatever tickles your fancy.
I have subbed something again. And realized again what bunch of idiots are running around in the JE fandom. You know I love those people who think they can judge a band if they probably never really dealt with them. It's like I would judge about KAT-TUN that they can't sing although I never dealt with them in the last years and only watched their D-Motion performance recently. I don't really care if they can sing or not anyway. lol. And in the same way it seems like people still judge Kanjani just on their ONE LOVE performance.
anonymous, i semi agree with you. k8 is k8 because they try to make people laugh. however, this is the same reason why their singing is somehow half-assed. k8 should reconsider their marketing strategy. there's such a thing as being unique and standing out but they also have to know that they are in the entertainment business. one way or another, they'll have to start improving on certain aspects of their group such as having less theatrics and singing more in unison.

As formal as this person talks it seems she doesn't know what she talks about. If she watched other performances of k8 I am sure she would realize what junk she says. I don't see anything wrong in being funny and making serious music and also performances with instruments sometimes. Isn't it variety which makes everything interesting? I mean it's a fact that Kanjani didn't release any serious stuff as a single in the last years anymore since Osaka Rainy Blues which is a pity because I know they can do so as well, but even so there are always two sides on a coin..we just need to consider both sides before judging stuff but sometimes people are just too lazy for that I think.
That quote reminds me of other Je bands but not really kanjani. for some reason they are more or less the only band (beside arashi maybe) which I could call an UNIT.

just simple hate meme out of boredom

1 - Most hated food.
2 - Most Hated person.
Right now it's this bankguy who didn't give me my money yet
3 - Most hated job.
Cleaning the toilet
4 - Most hated city.
my own probably but that's not a city LOL

5 - Most hated band/song.
Not really one I hate with a passion but I can say I really hate many indie vk bands (because they are ordinary and bad) and also boring non-visual bands which sound all the same with their boring vocals and sound. As for song. I hate GLORIOUS with a passion. Yes be shocked that I hate a song although one of my favourite guys sings it. But being a fan doesn't mean liking everything and this sucks for real.
6 - Most hated website.
not really a special one. What I hate are sparkling blogs with tons of pics in the sidebar and bg music..and you can't even read the content because the owner doesn't know anything about blog designs. Everytime I see such stuff my eyes hurt. so gross.
7 - Most hated TV program.
Hartz IV tv. German tv is in general very very disgusting. It's rare to find anything good there.
9 - Most hated German politician.
.They are either just boring or stupid but nothing really to hate..lol
10 - Most hated artist.
Nothing, art is a freedom that I can't hate. I would never be able to hate a certain type of art. There might be some some gross paintings and stuff but that's not hateable.
11 - Most hated book.
Probably all the books we read in school because they were boring as hell and I like to say I didn't really learn anything from it.
Well exceptions maybe the wave and faust.
12 - Most hated shop.
Can't remember one
13 - Most hated organisation.
I don't know if it's a certain organisation but I really hate those christian people who are running around at tourist places and bother you with their christian singing at the beach and want to make surveys about god with you. Don't bother me with this stuff. If I want to become christian I will go to the church or at least come to you but you don't need to come to me.
14 - Most hated historical event.
WW II. Because I can't hear the words Hitler and Nazi and all the shit anymore. It's not like I want to hide that part of history of Germany but it's just annoying all over the years. Get over it and live in the presence and look forward to the future.
15 - Most hated sport.
athletics (at least at school. I hated it D:), rugby, football, ice hockey and basketball and oh..baseball too somehow. and ooh..pool and tennis..actually everything which is boring to look at for me
16 - Most hated technology.
sensless stuff you don't need..no example right now
17 - Most hated annual event.
my birthday
18 - Most hated daily task.
brushing my teeth. If my teeth were all nice I think it would be a task I would be able to look forward to every day
19 - Most hated comedian.
not really someone special
20 - Most hated pairing for Fanfics
Ryo/Shige - everytime I see it pop up somewhere I get all disgusted because I can't understand why it's all other the place if there is not even much evidence (I can't even imagine one right now