Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Sometimes I wonder....

how I just don't recognize my own stupidness. Oh well I wouldn't call it stupidness because well at least unlike some other people on this planet I at least recognize some stupid things.
In fact while browsing through some journals out of boredom I came to a journal which is of course not real like this but it made me oh maybe they think like this too sometimes...I wouldn't say they always do but well there must be some kind of balance.
For sure there are naive people who don't think at all about money but only guess "Oh they love their fans and it's all for us" but then..there are also these kind of people who just  are more than realists...well maybe in a pessimistic direction like "It's their job, it's money."
I really can't imagine doing a job just for my own sake and money..not really should be something I like and at the same time it should be also helpful for others somehow. Well actually all jobs are made for helping others too..otherwise they wouldn't be jobs...but

Somehow the image of the stingy vips who don't care about this world..seems widespread that even the trolls on youtube think it's okay to grumble about the that "everybody hurts" song for haiti support. Seriously..when i read those comments I wondered whats up with those idiots. Because it's great to talk about african people as niggers, haiti as aids polutted place no one needs and god knows.
Not sure how many people live right now on this planet but I am sure if you would shoot everyone of those dumb people the earth would be a lot the end it's the fault of those bastards that mother nature is fighting back with all its weapons like that.

How should you enjoy living on this planet when 50% of the mankind is mindfucked...well I always believe in the good in people so maybe its only 1/3 of the mankind like that..but that's still high enough...Those people must have a really poor life..but well as long as its not their own family which dies somewhere by accident the world for them is allright so talking about other people like shit is allright. 

Don't know what the first paragraph of your national basic law says. Mine says
Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar (The human dignity is untouchable)
I always liked that one...from the first time I got to know about it till now.  It always makes me feel...if people talk bad like this and looking down at others I am allowed to do the same with them...because after people talked in such a bad manner. they lost their diginity in my eyes too..they don't deserve it anymore to be treated repectfully.
Oh well..going to bed now...this entry turned out totally was not my intention to bring in this youtube comment intentions for this entry totally if you write a fanfic and just write and write...and all your goals are destroyed due to several factors