Dienstag, 2. März 2010





これだ →

(if anyone finds mistakes in this paragraph..oh yeah tell me please..I suck at tenses  and grammar)

That's our church lol :O

And that's..well you can't properly see it because its so dark..but there is this hill..right in front.
In my childhood l always luged with my sledge from that hill...there were many children yes...and it was fun ^o^
Well but once in summer I had a bad idea with my cousin...we were going by bike there and thought: let's try out if we can go down with our bikes from that hill...well the result was..I was going much too quickly..and crashed into a tree...well the bike was okay I think, but my genital area wasn't...lol the saddle totally abused it..it hurt a lot >__<

Anyway my dentist said she wants to remove my wisdom tooth...but thats sounds very logical to me *nods*
It looks like...this...hmm of course my teeth dont look like this but I just thought of showing ..how my wisdom teeth is lying XDDD I have seen it on that roentgen pic..I was shocked LOL D: