Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Wow I am back from bavaria

This was indeed a week full of events. Not only the trip but also random things xD
I got finally my aprenticeship +_+ my dream of living at the sea comes true in August *_*
All I am waiting for is the contract..which should be send to me this week.

And then my eito dvd finally arrived today. Wow quick this time Yesasia..lol <.< Maybe will watch it later XD

I am also forced to do my driver licence finally >_< have to manage it till august..which should work out since I have so much freetime..the only thing which could make it impossible is my stupidness..but my brother said: "Millions of Germans can do it, so why you shouldn't manage it o_o"

My revolving chair is damaged...aaah...and btw yesterday I also killed my monitor again somehow which made me go all aaah >-< ooh..I just killed it again...never try to auto process again aaaah RAGE! XD
Short everyday bavaria report
- started our tour at 9.30am and reached my aunt's place (Soyen) at about 5.45pm
- Didn't do much anymore. My aunt's ex-neighbour from Schwedt/Oder was there too with her husband till Sunday...so well the evening ended with them drinking beer like you do it in Bavaria XDD

- my aunt's boyfriend had to work so we just spent the morning with running around in Soyen...it's just a village but yeah
- in the late afternoon we drove to Prien to eat Spareribs in "Zum Ott"...aah my tummy hurt so much XDD
- after that we went to Hub10..well it sounds like a discoteque..but truth is..it's just the amazing home of my aunt's older friends Monika and Sepp. They have a big house Ö__Ö There we drank bowle...waaah I was so durnk because Monika always refilled our glasses XD

- we went to Munich in the afternoon..nothing impressive somehow XD Went to the Allianz-Arena because my aunt's friends from Schwedt are big soccer and FC Bayern München fans lol

then we went..eeh I think it's Munich's center? o.o


We also went to the Hofbräuhaus to drink beer XD

- my 2 cousins arrived :D
- since the weather was alright we wanted to do the 5-lake tour..but we were only able to visit the Spitzingsee D: because then the other car had a problem somehow ..and we ended up in Miesbach. What a horrible boring town..XD



- my aun't bday party...well it turned out..that I didn't get drunk at all ..how sad xD

- went to the Chiemsee

drove home again..aat the same time we started our journey on tuesday

I made more pics but I am too lazy to upload them all XDDD

and now I am sitting here lol...
don't want to fall back to my old behaviour...wasting my day o.ô