Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Car shrimp pfff :(

Sometimes I really hate that my biography didn't turn out perfect so far.
Like I wonder if it was even possible to make it perfect.
I am not disappointed about myself in all points but the fact that my brother already gave me the driver license money when I turned 18
and the fact that I didn't even start it now after almost 4 years is somehow sad.
Like..what makes it sad is the fact that it's probably not as cheap anymore as it was back then. But honestly..even now after 4 years I am still afraid of it. o_O  Well so far the mainreason was always..I don't need it..but now I will need it for sure startig from August..except I prefer wasting time and some more money by taking the train every day. :/
But I am still afraid :(
In order to manage it by august I have to go and join the driving school soon otherwise I will fail XD Although of course the failing is always possible and not time limited. XD

Bah 3am..thats far behind my go to bed time I will rush to my bed quickly...