Dienstag, 27. April 2010

If my heart turned bigger or small, I don't really know anymore..but in fact it feels like I cherish smaller things more lately...
Or wait..I don't know if it's a good but it seems like I am able to love what I already love for the last 4-6 years without turning my back. And no it's not just one specific thing...it's several stuff. Anyway..I finished 2 Animes the last few days...but it seems that deep inside there was still this child who loved to see Animes. You know I am one of those picky people who can be hardly pleased with new stuff..like bands, doramas, animes..whatever..but I think that always happens when I am satisfied with that what I love and cherish it so I don't want anything new right now or it is when i desparately search something additional to love which is born to fail.
Anyway smiling is good and I smiled a lot today...oh wait..tonight?
What made me smile..let's see..
- Finishing Junjou Romantica. Yes I know I am late and I am uncool for liking such stuff. Well in the end the comedy aspects were more amusing. My humour is quite simple XD
- Eito polonaise....yuuchuu
- reading that he went to Nakamura's grave. Well honestly I found it sweet..that entry...and the way he is able to switch moods is wonderful. Then I thought, he really must have liked him a lot. Visiting the grave of your former manager...well that fact is actually enough to become sad..because how can there ever be a reunion when an important part of it already died...
- that pic and some related ones..xD That's the way I want him..like this and not different..but then it's not me who decides. What I told Hideki is: "No matter where you go, I think you will find the right path." because I am sure he knows that, even if he's mentally probably childisher than Ryo but..somehow if i had the chance to say a word to Ryo, that's a sentence I couldn't say yet. But maybe someday xD