Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Today's personal "worst case" collection

Well I think it still turned out well but in the moment when you already consider that it could have's the worst case

- You really need to go the toilet but are wearing jogging trousers...and then you have a knot in your trousers..and you can't pull down the trousers because of that. Wow that's horrible
- the imagination that your tooth paste dries out. Well I have this worst case imagination every day because lately I always...and yes I mean ALWAYS forget to close the tooth paste and just notice it everytime I go to the toilet again, which is not that often.
- You can understand your own Japanese very well but somehow you can't understand others Japanese because it seems although you have the deep desire to understand it there is something in your brain saying:" No you can't understand it! And others will find your japanese strange anyway no matter what you do! As soon as you put in your roots they won't be able to understand it!"

Irgendwie klinge ich beim Schreiben wie ein Roboter..also wenn ich mit jemanden Deutsch schreibe der aber erst noch die Sprache lernt. Also quasi...ich versuche die Sätze so einfach wie möglich zu schreiben, was es letztendlich emotionslos aussehen lässt. Fällt dem Lernenden natürlich nicht auf, aber einem selbst schon...

Today's experienced Hideki info: I don't know if he's lonely or not, fact is he's not satisfied at all with himself lately.
Today's experienced Ryo info: None but I like him even so XD

*yawns* Bed time