Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

"Get a Life"

Yes I am going...>___>
Isn't it cool when one of your favouruite bands is telling you to get a life and stop wasting time with spending too much time with them? :)
Anyway..yeah I am heading north my bed...(well technically lying in the West...but never mind)
Aaaah I think that's one of the songs which he is only able to scream. xD
I was so hardworking today Hideki would punch me if I told him "I stalked all the people you have something to do with at lives today just to get some further pics! Turned out great. 8! Not even in 3months i usually get that much ö__ö"
But honestly I just realized now again after watching get a life, I am wasting too much life with listening to music. It might be part of a life but it probably has a too big impact on me @__@
That's why..yes Hideki:  I won't fuck with you! ( I wouldn't even have any options XD)

 *yaaawns* and I am always amazed by those quality vids at youtube..well I have a better rip but I don't want to do something illegal since I just reopened a new youtube account..that must be safe for the next 3 years at Any in the end I just want it to be here..with pixel or not. Part of my blog, part of my world, Objections are pointless. :DDDDD

And yes Geo, Daita is Yours...well.I am not able to say that here..because Kari and Gaby could see this....o__O;
Mine, yours, ours, their own. xD