Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Lalalala ❤

:D Yes I am easy to handle like this XD
Didn't you know..HD is overrated. Such lousy tv streams and LQ is so nostalgic anyway.
It really lower's your standards. (I am just trying to lower my standards as well so that I am not too disappointed everytime xD)

I think I need more Hideki gifs ppfff o__o
His cheekbones are so wonderful when he's smiling :D

Today I will go the vet with my stepsis. Our guinea pigs are seems they have mites >__<
Seems like it wasn't as we expected..poor Pischty is always scratching herself ;_;

Waaah have a Dark & Light Earworm..just because of Youth-Ks videos! Darkness and the Liiiight~~~
But yeah you know already that my heart is actually beating for good made rockmusic. Well "good" is subjective xD
Speaking of which, Junpei and Hideki in Acid was an awesome combination. The only not so awesome thing is that Junpei sometimes sounded pretty Hidekish..which lead sometimes to confusion. But usually I know who sings which

Well the minority of my flist does understand what I talk about XD
People like...[info]aya_mcdonald , [info]bloody_train  ,  [info]geochan  & [info]luna_detrox  lol I just noticed Luna has Hideki's big bad wolf as icon XD Somehow I just noticed right now..that it's probably a wolf. Though I don't know till today what is the other thing on his left arm..a dog?
Well in his case, I think it's a cat but it does look like a dog o_O But I must admit that's probably my least favourite tattoo...but was a sin of his youth or something..oh god and while searching for the real thing..I mean to find out what it was I found something totally funny XDD Well its not funny for everyone probably only for me. So better don't click it anyway. The fun fact inside which made me laugh was..that he looked like a giant on that little bike...and then had cats hair all over his dark shirt..hahaha 11cats he had back then..O_____o Then it was that time I guess...

Anyway I will never get why people sell what they loved before for a long time. Why did they buy it in the beginning?
It doesn't make sense to me. I want the Siam Shade Perfect Collection '___'  Haha just kidding. I couldn't achieve and it's not purchasable anymore anyway >-<  nah not that expensive..177euro only..for 10 albums thats it's a good price o.ô I think tappaja and Aya have it. Lucky! T_T
Ah I will just shut my mouth now and will rest a little bit...I need some other hobbies in life. My mind is all over fandom. It might be a defense response. Well but that's what I enjoy the most somehow...:(