Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Hideki & Arashi on one screen...too good to be true


as you see it happened....arashi look so...young xDDDD
okay they were young...they really look like brats...

Music station 2000...wahaha XD

Now I could even write SS x Arashi smut but I don't want could I mix a 17year old matsujun with a 28year old Hideki @.@
Such moments are those when I realize I was born at the wrong time. Me and my brother should have swapped ..then I would be 34 by now already...lols..although I am not sure if I want to be 34 already D: but this makes me  a musume-chan! T_T
Hideki could be my father ...a young father but still not impossible...
38 - 22 = 16year old's a fathercomplex, I tell you  XD